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Post March 30, 2012 - Classified Entertainments, Espectaculos en Buenos Aires, History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Hotel promotions, Hotels in Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires, News about Buenos Aires, Rochester

BAFICI (The Buenos Aires International Independent films festival) began in 1999 and is nowadays one of the most important and renowned film festivals of the world. BAFICI has conquered a privileged place in the international cinematographic agenda.BAFICI´s wide movie planning includes worldwide premieres, in dynamic and cultural scenery, gathering acclaimed film directors and new talents. The festival will be held from April 11th to April 22nd under the motto “Buenos Aires breathes cinema”. As part of the festival, the Buenos Aires City Planetarium and two new cinemas located at the basement of the Centro Cultural San Martin were inaugurated, featuring the best digital systems. BAFICI will also be presenting movies at Hoyts Abasto, Malba Cine, Parque Centenario, Cosmos-UBA, Teatro 25 de Mayo, Arteplex Belgrano, Fundación Proa and Alianza Francesa.  

Ticket sales will begin on April 3rd at Hoyts Abasto, La Casa de la Cultura (Avenida de Mayo 575) and also online.Tickets cost AR$15; special price for students and retired AR$13) 

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Florida Pedestrian

Post November 3, 2011 - Classified Entertainments, History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Hotels in Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires, Rochester, What to do in Buenos Aires Today

Florida, “Buenos Aires’ girlfriend” goes from Rivadavia St. to General San Martin Square. When it comes to Buenos Aires commercial area, Florida is one of the most important streets. Many luxury historic buildings, including the Bank Boston, as well as Galeria Güemes, Galerias Pacifico and the Centro Naval Argentino proudly show off their architecture on Florida Pedestrian.  Florida gives Argentine culture the place where to exhibit many of its’ different faces: Argentina’s national anthem was sung for the first time on Florida and this pedestrian was named after one of the most important battles fought in the search of the country independence. The exclusive selection of stores located on Florida Pedestrian outstands from other commercial areas of the city. In its early years, only the latest in furniture, jewelry and hats from Europe was found on Florida. It was the European face of Buenos Aires the one going live on Florida.   

 After many important stores -such as Harrod’s and Gatha & Chavez- bars, cultural centers and artistic galleries opened their doors on Florida St., Florida began its conversion process to what it is today. Nowadays, it is one of the most important turistic and commercial areas of the city.

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San Telmo

Post October 3, 2011 - Classified Eating in Buenos Aires, Entertainments, History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Hotels in Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires, News about Buenos Aires, What to do in Buenos Aires Today

San Telmo is both a landmark in the antiques market in South America and one of the most traditional and renown areas in the city of Buenos Aires. 

Offering more than 500 stores, San Telmo mixes the avant-garde and the bohemian style. San Telmo’s colonial architecture, narrow sidewalks and paved streets will make you feel traveling back to other times. 

If you decide to visit this neighborhood, you will find not only antique shops but also crafts markets, bars, pubs, restaurants and tango dancing clubs. 

For More Information:

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Rural tourism

Post August 29, 2011 - Classified Adventure Tourism, Entertainments, Hotels in Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires, News about Buenos Aires, What to do in Buenos Aires Today

Being one of the most important and attractive activities in the Province of Buenos Aires, rural tourism brings together vast numbers of people coming from different countries around the world, who are interested in getting to know the Argentine countryside. Lots of splendid ranches, surrounded by lush groves, are the entrance door to a unique and peerless life style, offering visitors high quality accommodation services as well as local shows and delicious traditional cuisine. These ranches give visitors the opportunity to participate in rural activities, horseback riding, bonfires. Bike tours, guided tours, bird watching, fishing and nautical activities in lakes and streams are also part of the complete agenda of recreational activities included at ranches.     

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San Telmo Neighbourhood.

Post December 1, 2010 - Classified Hotels in Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires, News about Buenos Aires, What to do in Buenos Aires Today


San Telmo is another typical neighborhood of the province of Buenos Aires.
Once upon a time, it used to be the most important antiques market in South America.
In San Telmo you will find over 500 stores, restaurants, pubs and Tango clubs.
When you walk through this neighborhood you will feel as if you were travelling back in time. San Telmo is characterized by its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and narrow sidewalks.
More information at :

The picture belongs to  Fernando Rey under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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