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22 April, 2009

Dinner and Show at “Rojo Tango”

Posted in: Buenos Aires Night, Entertainments, Knowing Buenos Aires

showtango.jpgTango is one of the main characters in the history of Buenos Aires and it is one of the reasons for which the city is recognized worldwide. “Rojo Tango”, will take you to know the history of a musical style that turned into legend, through an amazing show with an excellent group of professional artists, singers dancers and musicians accompanied by an orchestra.

You cannot leave Buenos Aires without knowing how this music of the suburbs broke all barriers and end up being an international success. Rojo Tango gives you the opportunity to know how this style, which revolutionized the music world, was born, showing the passion and magic of its dance. This tango house is among the most outstanding ones in the city, though people usually praise much more its spectacular dinner rather than the show itself.

Rochester Hotel offers its services to help you with reservations and provide you all the information you requiere, just call (5411) 4326-6076 and ask for Paula Benedetti.

The photograph belongs to zabara_tango under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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