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03 April, 2009

Tigre Tour

Posted in: History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires

Tigre is one of the most atractive areas in Buenos Aires, who both locals and tourists cannot stop visiting. It is an ideal place to spend the afternoon or why not, a weekend surrounded by nature and enjoying peace.

Away from the city center, a space to relax. Here you will find several inns and hotels that provide accommodation, restaurants of high gastronomc level and even beaches, fields to practice sports and grills for those who spend the day.

Besides, Tigre offers museums which display its history and other museums dedicated çto navigation. The Fruit Port is another of its great attractions, together with the Rowing Clubs and the famous amusement park named “Parque de la Costa”.


There are endless activities and places to visit in Tigre. A place that you should visit especially on sunny days. Rochester Hotel considers this activity as one that cannot be missing on your list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

La fotografía corresponde a longhorndave bajo una licencia Creative Commons Attribution.

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