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03 April, 2009

A journey to the past with “Tango Porteño”

Posted in: Buenos Aires Night, Entertainments, Knowing Buenos Aires

Tango Porteño is one of the most prestigious and popular Tango houses in the city. Located in the heart of Buenos Aires City, just a few meters from the Obelisk, it offers an incomparable spectacle, which will take you back in time to that so remembered and loved Gold Decade.

After World War II, Tango transcended the barrier of the suburbs and was spreaded all around the world. This melody which told great stories of triumphs, failures and loce. It became a worldwide hit. You will feel the real magic and the true essence of tango, and the nostalgia for those old days.



For a special night, full of feelings, Rochester Hotel recommends Tango Porteño.

La fotografía corresponde a Andrea Balducci bajo una licencia Creative Commons Attribution.

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