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25 June, 2009

Colon Theater in Argentina

Posted in: History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires

The Colon Theater was opened on May 25th, 1908, the construction took 20 years, the building occupies a surface of 8.200m2 and a total of 58.000m2. The Concert Hall, the main one, has a capacity for 2487 seated spectators, but reaches the 4,000 spectators with standing positions. It has 75 meters deep, 28 meters high and 32 meters diameter, its Italian horseshoe shape enables the whole Theater Hall to have a great acoustic, in all its seven levels. The stage is 35 meters deep by 34 wide.

The Theater combines Italian Renaissance design with the French Baroque desing and if you look up you will see over your heads an extraordinary Dome that crowns the Hall. The colorful Dome was painted by Raúl Soldi and reflects the magic of Theater. 

Surrounding the Great Hall, you will find the Foyer Hall, the Golden Room, the White Room and the Busts Gallery. The Theater also has a Museum which showcases costumes which were used by famous celebrities who performed at the Colon.


There are no words to explain the magnificent work that the architects Francesco Tamburini, Jules Dormal and Vittorio Meano achieved. The design of the theater is genius and admirable, it is one of the Best Opera House in the world and the best in Latin America, owner of the best acoustics and all the great artists wish to perform here. Its decoration includes exclusive parts and things, which are very difficult to find today, as fabulous stained glass, marble from Verona, Siena and Portugal, Venetian mosaics, gold and stunning paintings and sculptures.

The Theater is currently closed for remodeling but the reopening of this prestigious Opera House is scheduled for May 2010.

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The photograph belongs to exedu under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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