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03 April, 2009

Cycling Buenos Aires

Posted in: Adventure Tourism, Knowing Buenos Aires

Every day at 9.30hs. and 14.00hs., from Plaza San Martín groups of adventurers who seek to know Buenos Aires in a non-conventional way, by adding fun, exercise and adrenaline to their tours, get toghether to make bike tours through the city.

Lan & Kramer Travel Service is the agency responsible for organizing these activity. They provide cyclists with bikes, helmets, seats for children, rain clothes, medical assistance and a bottle of water. They also have guides in English and Spanish.



Rochester Hotel recommends the trip because it is an innovative alternative which will take you through the most outstanding neighbourhoods in the city, for you to know more about the history and culture of Buenos Aires. A unique experience, where you will be part of the daily movement of the streets and avenues in Buenos Aires, the cars, traffic and people.

Bear in mind that as you will be riding down the streets of the city you will have to pay attention in order to avoid accidents.

This photograph belongs to ruurmo under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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