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28 May, 2009

Adventure Tours

Posted in: Adventure Tourism, Knowing Buenos Aires

One of the most popular sites in Buenos Aires is Tigre and its Delta, a place visited by thousands of people every day and especially by all tourists who come to visit the city. We can say that it is one of the most beautiful areas, in which you will find restaurants, cafes, grills, clubs, hotels, cabins, beaches and where many water sports are carried out as well as adventure tourism.

One of the most chosen sports and fun in the Delta are the kayak tours. Suitable for both children and adults, athletes tour the different islands and rivers, making stops in the middle of the forest to rest and are provided with food and drinks. In addition, night trips, tournaments and championships are organized.


Moreover, Tiger has a lush vegetation and various species of animals, making it the ideal place for journeys and adventures in forests and islands. The excursions are generally through the San Antonio river, the Lujan river, the la Plata river and the different streams. You will also visit the islands, beaches and sandbars that are formed.

The tours and hikings can be made on the day or can last two or more days. For long trips, cabins and hostels are ready to offer adventurers a warm place to rest, providing them with dinner and breakfast.

Adventures that take you to enjoy and have fun outdoors, to connect with nature, meet new people and live unforgettable experiences of survival and full of adrenaline.

The photograph belogns to elbragon under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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