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22 May, 2009

The large accordeon

Posted in: History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires

The large accordeon was created in Germany by the German Heinrich Band, as an instrument for the Church. It arrived in Argentina in 1900 and it has been an undisputed and irreplaceable partner of Tango since then, becoming the main instrument in Tango orchestras, as it gives the strength and the characteristic sound of this dance.


It is a wind instrument and it is not easy to play it as the button panel can be very disorganized and difficult to understand at first, and what is more, each button has a particular sound when the accordeon opens and another when it closes. But it is clear that wihtout it the Tango would not be the same.

The relationship between the instrument and Tango is so close and has streghten so much throughout history, that the Tango has dedicated several of his songs to his faithful friend. Today this large accordeon is manufactured worldwide.

The photograph belongs to blmurch under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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