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13 May, 2009

Recoleta Cemetery

Posted in: History and Culture of Buenos Aires, Knowing Buenos Aires

Located at Junin 1670, in the prestigious neighborhood of Recoleta, we find the first Public Cemetery in the city, the Recoleta Cemetery. It is a place of great worldwide attraction and admiration as it has an extraordinary architecture and design.

It used to be the garden of the Recoleta monks who occupied these territories in the early eighteenth century and built the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, which is located beside the Cemetery.

In the Cemetery there are magnificent domes of the wealthiest families in Buenos Aires, such as the Duarte family. In addition, it stands out because of its excellent combination of History and Art, as on the one hand, it is where the most important country heroes rest and on the other hand, it has internal roads decorated with magnificent sculptures, statues and mausoleums.


Among the heroes there are, military men, politicians, presidents, artists, scientists and celebrities such as Eva Duarte de Perón, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and Bartolomé Miter.

It really is one of the places that you should not miss, its unique beauty, architecture and design will leave you impressed and amazed. It is opened all days from 7:00 to 17:45 pm.

The photograph belongs to Demian_us under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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