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Program of Accessibility Guidelines for hotels in Buenos Aires

Within the various alternatives that introduced the tourism of Buenos Aires for this summer 2009/2010 it should be emphasized the importance of the program addressed by the authorities in conjunction with the different hotels of Buenos Aires and much of the attractions of the party of the coast, where during this summer will take place […]

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Hotels close to squares of Buenos Aires

The squares of Buenos Aires become meeting places for dancing and listening to music. One of the activities to be carried out each Friday in a different neighborhood is the popular holiday tanguera: Milongas with orchestras in live to enjoy the music and go out to dance. That is why if you are a fun […]

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Hotels near the beaches of Buenos Aires in summer

Buenos Aires has an oasis in the town where you can live a spectacular summer. On the beaches of the city, you will find settlements, umbrellas, showers to cool the heat, bars, fields of sports, dance classes and gym, cultural activities, live shows and many other entertainments longer for your unforgettable holidays. Since last year, […]

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Hotels with style rooms Apart for a prolonged stay in Buenos Aires

Your sweet home moves to Buenos Aires, where the hotels have all the amenities you need to feel as if you were at home. There are rooms with large spaces, Apart Hotel style, with mini own cuisine, coffee, microwave, crockery, officers and their respective chairs. In addition, they count on services of minibar, cable TV, […]

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Hotels in Buenos Aires with musical shows live

Popular argentinian music felt in every corner of the country, especially in the city of Buenos Aires where you can enjoy musicals of all kinds at dusk or at night offered by the same hotels of Buenos Aires to its guests in exclusive. The tango rhythm or folklore, it is safe you may not stop […]

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