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Seashore and beaches

Buzios is known for its coastal, where you can find bars, restaurants, shops with clothes and crafts, art galleries and all the fun at night. Furthermore, the peninsula is recognized for its beaches, with over 20 different ones, you find beaches for all tastes, with the most stunning sceneries, vegetation and marine life. There are quiet and lonely ones, others are very popular for young people or perfect for families, some of calm sea perfect for diving and others  with great waves ideal for sports such as surfing or windsurfing.

Center Pier - Orla Bardot

Between the beaches of Armação and Do Canto, we find the Center Pier, where tour boats depart for diving or exploring the peninsula and its islands, the boats of fishermen also anchor here and it is where big cruise ships tend to anchor for passengers to descent and know the island.  
In honor to Brigitte Bardot, the French actress who led this paradise to worldwide success, the coastal was named Orla Bardo. This is where the eclectic part of this beautiful peninsula is, where different nationalities mingle, where friends meet, where you can enjoy long walks on the beach enjoying the scenery, tranquility, meditate and relax. It also offers bars with terraces overlooking the sea so you can choose to sit and take a drink appreciating the majestic sunset of Buzios.  
Finally, at the waterfront there are sculptures by Christina Motta, the first one is Brigitte Bardot in natural size and made of bronze, sitting on her suitcase and looking at the horizon. The second one is, three fishermen, also made in bronze and natural size, who are on the shore concentrated on their nets and its fish.

Azeda - Azedinha

Azeda. One of the most attractive ones in Brazil, you get here by water taxi or walking. It is a beach of white sand and crystal water, rocky and with exotic vegetation, found on the west of the peninsula.

Azedinha. One of the most peaceful ones on the peninsula and excellent for families with kids. Perfect for diving or kayaking. You get here by walking through Azeda, as it is next to this beach, or by water taxi.

Brava - Do Canto

One of the most popular ones, ideal for sports such as surfing, thanks to its strong waves all year round. It is an open sea beach, with rocky cliffs and wild vegetation. Located a few meters away from Olho Boio, a naturist beach.

Do Canto. Ideal for water sports or swimming, which has warm and calm waters. Located on the heart of Buzios, so on its right we find the famous Rua das Pedras with different bars and restaurants overlooking the beach and on the left typical fishermen houses also facing the beach. Through its left you have access to Amores and Virgens Beaches.

Das Caravelas. Access on the km12 of the route which joins Buzios to Cabo Frio. Calm and crystal waters, white sands, ideal for sports like surfing and diving. We can still see here giant turtles.

Ferradura - Ferradurinha

Ferradura. It is a bay of calm waters, with a semicircle shape as a horseshoe. It is the beach of aquatic sports: jet-ski, kayak, banana boat, banana-ski, windsurf, diving and tours in boat. You have to take into account that water in Ferradura beach is colder than in the rest of Buzios. It has an amazing vegetation, bars and restaurants that offer sea fruits and it is surrounded by beautiful mansions with panoramic views to the sea.

Ferradurinha (little horseshoe, in spanish). Located on a small inlet in the south of the Buzios penninsula, access on foot, through a narrow path on the left side of Geribá beach, 3,5km away from downtown. Its waters are trapped between Boca, Barra and Ferradurinha beaches making this beach a natural pool, with white sand, surrounded by rocks, and calm and transparent waters.

Forno - Geribá

Foca. Located between Forno and Ferradura it is a natural pool: calm sea, transparent waters, surrounded by rocky outcrops.

Forno. Surrounded by vegetation and calm sea, with wild aspect. The name Oven Beach (Praia do Forno) is due to its hot sands, rich in iron and therefore they are red. Ideal for diving and sunbathing in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Geribá. It is the beach of the local people, with 2 kilometers extension, white sands and blue sea. One of the most famous points on the penninsula and one of the most crowded in new year, as it get young people together in its bars and restaurants. The space is divided with typical houses of fishermen that give style to the place, next to mansions and hotels, the sophisticated and glamorous tone of Geribá. This beach has excelent waves and it is one of the bests for surf and other sports such as  windsurf, footvolley and morey boggie.

João Fernandes - J. F.

João Fernandes. Located in the end of Buzios, two kilometers from the center of the village and in front of Ilha Branca: from its shores you can see the nautical signal lighthouse. It is a small beach, with semicircle shape and 800m extension, very frequented by tourists. As the majority of the beaches it has calm and nice waters: perfect for diving, as it has an incredible sea fauna and beautiful corals. Besides diving, in João Fernandes it is possible to practice banana boat, kayak, jetski and  even parachuting. With music in its bars and restaurants, from side to side of the shore, fast foods are served as sea fruits, hot and cold drinks.

Joao Fernandinho. Very quiet, warm and transparent waters. Ideal to bathe and enjoy peace in family. Access through João Fernandes beach, one of the most crowded ones.

Manguinhos - Olho de Boi

Manguinhos. It is the biggest bay in the penninsula: 2.8km extension, that is why it has darker waters and with less waves, chosen for sailing. The ideal activity is windsurf for its constant winds, besides you can go for long walks enjoying its beautiful landscape and sand covered with remains of shells. From this beach you can see two islands, Feia and Rasa. Near the shore different kind of  very attractive and exotic sea plants grow, that are only find in this area of the world. Manguinhos beach, is very frequented by the Buzios inhabitants, it is the continuation of Rasa beach, where you can enjoy the best sunsets. It has sailing clubs and the Yucas and the Buzios Sailing Club.

Olho de Boi. Located on the south east of the Buzios penninsula. “Ox Eye” is a beach of difficult access, frequented by naturists, who use it as nudist beach. Access is walking through a path between the virgen nature of the end of Brava beach. In this place nature reaches the maximum of its beauty and isolation allows nudists enjoy the freedom offered. Though getting here is difficult it is worth doing an effort to get to the Wall where waves crush and water falls in a great waterfall.

Dos Ossos - Rasa

Dos Ossos. With 260m extension, this bay of transparent and calm waters, beautiful vegetation, is perfect. According to the history the name is due to the remains of whale bones left by fishermen in old times. In this beach we find the Yatch Club of Buzios and a in a small rise you can see the historic Church of Saint Anna, patron saint of the city. In this small paradise you can practice aquatic sports and fishing.

Rasa. Warm, calm and not very deep waters, located on the left side of Manguinhos beach, surrounded by eucalyptos and typical vegetation of the brazilian coast. Rasa beach is one of the largests in Buzios and is prefect for kids and adults, as you are able to enjoy peace and nature. The strong constant winds attracts windsurfers, kitesurfres and sailors.

Tartaruga - Tucuns

Tartaruga. With calm and warm waters, Tartaruga (Turtle) beach, is considered the most tropical one in Buzios, perfect to spend the day. With 1,8 km extension, it is wild and rugged. Access is by a land path that starts in the main entrance of Buzios, just before the roundabout of Ferradura. Besides relaxing in one of the most beautiful landscapes, you can enjoy different dishes with brazilian music as background. It is perfect for kids and for practising aquatic sports as banana boat, windsurf and diving. Between Sapata and Cruz, the beach is divided in two by a rocky formation, its waters are green and transparent. Forced stop for tour ships. In the end of the beach on its left side there is a road to Manguinhos, through plants and vegetation.

Tucuns. The beautiful beach of Tucuns, is located in an inlet to the south of Buzios, 7km away from downtown and it is the continuation of Geribá beach. White sands, not very frequented as it is not very near downtown but it is very good for walks. It is one of the favorite beaches of surfers: strong waves allow them to practice this sport peacefully. Fishing with the stick from the sand is aslo very common in this beach.

Das Virgens

Das Virgens. A true paradise. Deserted beach, emerald waters, white sands, abundant and exotic vegetation. Access only through do Canto or Tartaruga Beaches.

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