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The Tupinambas Indians lived in the sixteenth century in this peninusla until then, unknown to the world. It was in the twentieth century, when the famous French actress, Brigitte Bardot went to Buzios for a holiday with her boyfriend Bob Zagury, that the island became famous and known by all the world. As from one day to another, it changed from being a hidden paradise to become one of the most popular tourists destinations. Thanks to this beautiful actress, Buzios hidden beauty, its beaches, its exotic vegetation began to be visited by thousands of tourists per year, who came to discover the wonders in the island and to relax.  
It was not until the worldwide boom of the peninsula, that tourism became the major economic support of the economy of Buzios. So far, the economy was based on fishing and agriculture.  
Going back to the time of the Tupinambas, the island was used by French pirates and smugglers to hide here to smuggle timber and sell slaves. In 1501 and 1502, the territories of Cabo Frio and Buzios were discovered by the Portuguese, who in the seventeenth century, after hard and bloody fights, expelled the French from the island.  
Today, Buzios is a small paradise on earth, where all cultures and nationalities mix. Visited by thousands of tourists, offering not only its impressive nature, but also various recreational activities, features that male it perfect for sports like wind surfing, surfing and sailing, luxury hotels and lot of fun!  
A place with which you are going to fall in love and which is truly worth to know.

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