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Geography and climate

Buzios is an island where nature predominates, therefore it is very important to look after her, in order not to destroy this paradise with shops and buildings but to maintain its characteristics, which make the island so attractive. In this way, man and nature are in direct contact, the houses can not have two floors, they are bohemian and rustic, built of wood and craft materials. Remaining similar to the simple houses of the native fishermen on the island.  
It is a peninsula located 190km from Rio de Janeiro and one of the sunniest in the state because the winds carry the rains and clouds away. This paradise is just 8km long and has 25,000 inhabitants. Its average temperature is 26 ° C, reaching 29 ° C in summer and ranged from 19 ° C and 12 ° C in winter. The rainy season is in summer, between November and March, between April and September the chances are almost none.  
Moreover, Buzios has several viewpoints from which you can appreciate the different views of the peninsula. We found over 20 different beaches, with unimagined landscapes, exotic vegetation that grows only on this part of the world and the most interesting marine life. The beaches can be divided between those that are warm and have a calm sea, ideal for snorkeling and relaxing, they are located in the north and west side of the peninsula, as Tartaruga, Azeda and João Fernandes. Other have open water, cold and with great waves, perfect for sports like surfing, wind surfing and kite-surf on the south and east of the island, as Tucuns andGeribá.  
The high season runs from December 15 to March 15.

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