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Besides the 20 different beaches, Buzios offers countless sports and entertainment options: boat tours, diving, fishing, ecological walks and surf are some of the alternatives.


Náuticos (Diving, snorkel, windsurf, surf, kite-surf, wakeboard and banana-boat, swimming, yacht). Here several international and national competitions of nautical and sailing sports are carried out, such as windsurf, wake board, kitesurf, among others. Ferradura and Manguinhos are the selected beaches to practice these kind of sports. In Manguinhos beach the Toninho School operates. Windsurf, Laser, Hobbie Cat, Wake Board or Kitesurf can be practised in the beaches of Ferradura, Raza and Manguinhos. In Geribá windsurfers have strong winds and many waves for radical maneuvers. Considered one of the best places in the world for aquatic and wind sports, buzios has schools and clubs that organize regular courses for kids, adults, and where you can rent equipment. Besides it has a Yatch Club in Ossos Beach.

For all ages. Classes for special kids.

It is one of the most outstanding activities in Buzios and the city is recognized by it, as it allows to know the amazing and rich sea life and its colorful vegetation. You will have the possibility of diving in warm and crystaline sea, see unique landscapes that you will not believe they exist. The south currents bring fishes such as anchovy, giant manta rays, corals, ichthyology, turtles.
You can choose snorkel, dive with cylinders (longer excursion) or go out in a boat.
The first one is free diving, masks and snorkels can be rented in the beach. João Fernandes, João Fernandinho, Azeda Azedinha and Tartaruga are the selected ones to do this activity.
The second option is autonomus diving, generally made in the Âncora island, 6 miles away from Buzios shore. Visibility is around 12 and 25 meters in summer. Other islands that can be named are Gravatás, Filhote, Isla Feia and João Fernandinho beach.
The third one offers tours in boat to the different islands, even in rainy days as they are not affected. Besides, in an average, more than 250 days are sunny days in Buzios, so rain is a minor issue.

Surf is another popular sport. Geribá is the main meeting point for surfers, beautiful people, fun and where surf tournaments and championships are carried out. There are teachers for kids and adults.
Other beaches but with not so much waves nor that popular are Caravelas, Brava and Tucuns.

It is a young sport, new in Buzios and it adapted perfectly to the conditions of the penninsula. The strong and constant winds during all the year makes the city be the most looked by kite surfers.
Buzios Kite School: located in José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, in the Rasa beach. As it is a beach with little movement and calm waters the instructor is attentive and guiding and advising the students constantly. The school receives students from all over the world, classes are given in portuguese and english. The school offers: rescuing boat, rent and sale of equipments, air compressor to inflate the kite, showers for after classes and nursery. What is more, it has security equipment, helmets, life jackets, rubber boots, neoprene clothes. It has modern and new equipments with kites of different sizes, between 2 and 16 meters.

The surf championships in Buzios are always carried out in Geribá. Besides the waves, in the sand healthy and tanned bodies parade. It has surf teacher for adults and kids and they rent surf boards. Geribá is the meeting point for those looking to stand out but in Buzios you find several other beaches that stand out as well, such as Tucuns (always a good background), Brava, Rasa pier, José Gonçalves and Laje de Rasa (perfect long waves, “secret point”, it requieres effort in the paddeling or renting a boat).

Wakeboard y banana-boat.
Two of the most popular activities to have fun in family or with friends. Kids love banana-boat, we find it in almost every beach. For wake-board, renting of launches, motorboats and the necesary equipment is offered.
Day Off from Buzios is the service in charge of these activities and the renting of equipment. Located in Ferradura beach, on the left side.
Phone: 022 99089314 or 021 98112309 
E-mail: claudioh@dayoff-buzios.com.br 
Site: www.dayoff-buzios.com.br

Trekking & mountain-bike

A wild city, of extense and peculiar vegetation, can be toured in bike, walks or horse. There are countless paths to make the excursions, where you can appreciate to the maximum and be in direct contact with nature and everything she offers.
Excursions can be done by yourself or you can hire a guide. A unique experiencie and paths that lead to the most unimaginable, wonderful and  amazing places, between the mountains, lagoons and the ocean. An experience that will give you a real notion of the penninsula and all the magic it hides.
For mountain bike lovers, in Buzios there are many natural tracks with native vegetation and atlantic plants, where you will see orchides, bromelidas, colorful butterflies, nice birds and even the Golden Lion Monkeys, an extinting species. There are guided tours with bicycle renting.

There are also guided tours on horseback, or you can rent them, for those who wish to feel nature in all ways, without the agitation of the pedaling or the sound of the motors.

Buzios Golf Club

Buzios Golf Club. Club of Professional Golf. Field with 18 holes, where several tournaments along the year are carried out. Besides you do not have to carry your equipment as the club offers you the renting of it. To reserve the field you must leave a 50% of the total price 15 days before.

Phone: 022 2629 1448 Márcio, 2629 1240 Edmilson, 2629 1338 Maurício.


Fishing was and is today, though in less magnitude, the economic base in Buzios. It is one of the most popular and practiced activities.

The city is ideal for fishing, as it offers amazing landscapes, shores, islands and a rich diversity of species in generous quantities. Among the possible preys we find anchovy, red snapper, sword fish, tuna, sardine and other countless varieties. You can get and rent the necessary equipment, besides boats and ships.

For adventurers, do not rule out the possibility of renting a ship and go deep in the region, discovering magnificent places and fishing with the natives of the place.

Gym and personal trainers

Training on holidays.  
Ideal for those who worry for having a healthy life.

Academy "do Bosque".
Located in José Bento R. Dantas, 1315. - Manguinhos
Offers: Elongation / Body pump / Localized gym / Muscle work / Spinning / Step.
Opened from Mondays to Fridays, from 7:00 to 22:00 and on Saturdays from 7:00 to 14:00. - Phone: 2623-0594  

Aquagym and Swimming (heated pool) in das Acacias Park, Rua 10, house 12 – Manguinhos.
Phone:  (22) 2623-1109  

TraLocalized gym, aquagym and muscle work - Phone: (22) 9267-9492 

Dra Milena Maia - (22) 2623-4073
Dra. Marisa F. Paiva - (22) 2623-2020

Buzios is the right city for those who look after their bodies, relax, get full of positive energy, meditate and be in shape.
Its beaches and hidden corners encourage meditation and relaxation, and you can also do exercise by running down the beach accompanied by the amazing landscape.
You will also find luxurious Spas that offer alternative therapies, comfortable and well decorated rooms. Everything especially designed for your care and service

Cura Prânica:
The Pranic Healing is a technique that consists on the exploration of the body energy (as diagnose) and the removal of energy when there is an excess or charging when there is defficiency. Since the Basic Pranic Healing, the Advanced Pranic Healing and the Distant Pranic Helaing were developed as well as the Pranic Healing with Crystals, the Psychic Self-defense and Prosperity Techniques. It is a fast and efficient method to treat psychological, emotional and spiritual anomalies. The Pranic Healing is an old science and art that was systematized by the Master Choa Kok Sui, borned in China and settled in the Philipines. It was introuced in Brazil in 1992. See the courses provided in Buzios where certificates of the Institute of Inner Studies will be handed in (Manila – Philipines), signed by the Master Chao Kok Sui and Monica Abad (Graduated as instructor in Basic  Pranic Healing).

Cura Prânica in the distance:
The mechanism of the Pranic Healing in the Distance is similar to the telephone one. The practising and the patient are connected because their ethereal bodies are part of the ethereal body of the earth. When the practising focus his attention on the patient, he can remove the sick etheral matter and can project the prana (vital energy) to the patient, "energy follows thoughts". This Pranic Healing is similar to the ones parcticed near the patient, with the only difference that in the Distant Healing the psychic faculty of the practising must be developed and sharpen even more, to have more precision.

Flores de Bach.
Bach Flowers work removing old and negative patterns, giving the patient new and positive ones. Flowers should be prepared in the hour and if possible charged with energy with the Pranic Healing.

Buzios has cosy Spas, with comfortable rooms for those that have the priviledge of enjoying this small paradise.

Free Fly

A sport that is increasingly becoming more popular. In the city there is also a launch pad for hang gliding and paragliding in the hill of  das Emerências, one of  the highest in Buzios, located between Tucuns and Zé Gonçalves beaches, with one of the most beautiful views of the penninsula. It is a natural launch pad, of grass and 180m height but it is not the highest peak for jumpings, the "cabeção" peak in the same hill, das Emerências is more than 800m hieght. Buzios offers, to the enthusiast of this sport, almost all the months of the year to parctice except the months from August to September, time of very strong winds in the region. The most amazing thing about this sport is the view that you can get, reaching all the islands of the city.

AVL-BÚZIOS: Free Fly Association of Buzios  
Phone.: (22) 2623-2044 / 3029, (22) 9999-4442, (22) 9265-5089. 
E-mail: parapentebuzios@mar.com.br 

Tennis - Paddle - Squash

Rent of Courts, private lessons and there are also some inns that offer this courts.

Tennis or Paddle Courts:
Beach Club, Rua dos Gravatás, s/nº 
To the left side of Geribá Beach 
Phone: 2623 4414 (Dirley) - 9211-0664

Beach Club, Rua dos Gravatás, s/nº 
To the left side of Geribá Beach 
Phone: 2623 4414 (Dirley) - 9211-0664

Squash Court:
Pousada dos Reis, Portal da Ferradura, nº 30 
Equipments: raket and ball  
Number of streets: 1 
Reservations: 2623-5566

Private classes of Squash: 
Dieter - phone: 9218-8222 / 2623-6426

Skate - Roller - Bicycle

For those who love sport, Buzios offers a a ramp in bowl shape to practice.


You can choose to have classes or have fun in a tour through natural tracks and beaches on horse back. Classes for both kids and adults, they are taught to jump, train and saddle up.

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