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Neighboring Cities

Arraial Do Cabo

Only half hour away from Buzios, white sands and transparent waters. Arraial do Cabo is ideal for diving. The currents from the South Pole bring cold waters and nutrients to feed the great diversity of sea animals that live in this shore.

Cabo Frío

25 km from Buzios, Cabo Frio has a small airport that operates with private flights and helicopters, that can be hired from Rio. Known for being one of the main producers of sault in the country, the windmills are typical in its landscapes. It has 37 different beaches with crystaline waters that come from the Atlantic Ocean and the Araruama Lagoon. They offer perfect waves for surf, rich sea fauna that makes diving and other aquatic sports an unforgettable experience. Great weather during all year.

Arraial Do Sana

Less than an hour away from Buzios, a magnificent place, wild and with waterfalls, dense vegetation, fruits and hidden paths. Perfect for those who love nature, tranquility and adventure. In the past the city lived from coffee, after the 30´s crisis, only some families stayed here, with their cattle and plantations, isolation preserved this village. Today is one of the main attraction points, especially on weekends and holidays.

Río de Janeiro

Capital of the state, one of the major cities and of great movement, it attracts millions of tourists and brazilians per year. The sea, the mountains and the tropical fauna stimulate adventurers. Known as the Wonderful City.

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