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Rochester Hotel - serena


How to move

By land

Bus Companies and Buzios Station
- Búzios - Rodoviário Station 1001

Estrada da Usina - Center
Phone: (22) 2623-2050.
Rio de Janeiro Rodoviário Novo Rio Station
Phone: (21) 2291-5151.
Rodoviário Cabo Frio Station
Phone: (22) 2643-1521.
Cars Viação 1001
Phone: 0300-313-1001
Cars Viação Salineira
Phone: 2645-5454 - 0800 245454.

Taxi Service

Santos Dumont Square
Phone: (22) 2623-2160 / 2623-6169
Taxis Buzios
Phone: (22) 2623-1911 / 2623-2892
Ponto Shopping Nº 01
Phone: (22) 2623 2160 / 2623 6169

Transfer Service


Ponte SA (BR 101)
Phone: (21) 2620-9333
Via Lagos (RJ 124)
Phone: (21) 2734-4141 or (22) 2665-6565
Rodoviária Police Rio de Janeiro State
Phone: (21) 2625 1530 – 24hs service
Rodoviária Federal Police
Phone: (21) 2471-5822 / (21) 2471-6111
Phone:(21) 2471-0171

In car

From Rio de Janeiro there are approximately 2 hours trip. After crossing the Río-Niterói bridge you have to go left to Rio Bonito. After Rio Bonito take Via Lagos to the right to Araruama/Cabo Frío (Região dos Lagos). At the end of Via Lagos, keep going 5km up to the service station Ipiranga at the entrance of São Pedro da Aldeia. Then take RJ-106 road towards Macaé/Buzios. After 14km (after the service station "Até que Enfim"), go right and 10 minutes later you will be in Buzios.

Via Lagos

The way between Rio Bonito and São Pedro da Aldeia, opened in December ´98 and is administrated by the dealer of Via Lagos, reduced the time of the trip from Rio de Janerio to Buzios at least 30 minutes. What is more, the new road frees drivers from the annoying traffic jams in summer and the road humps of RJ-106 road in Araruama and Iguaba. Nowadays, more than the 80% of the way from Rio to Buzios is made of new two-way roads that allow to travel at a good speed. The final part of the trip, is in roads of only one way, also in good state.

Transfers Río / Buzios / Río

Buzios Channely offers transfers to Buzios directly from the airport or from your hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Prices depend on the services and they are obtained when you do the reservation. There are trasnfers in luxurious cars with air-conditioner in an average price of U$ 150,00, up to 3 people and minivans or buses for U$ 50,00 per person. (Average price includes round trip from Rio de Janeiro).

In Bus

- From Rio to Buzios – directly:
Daily outings from Rodoviária Novo Río (New Bus Station in Rio) by the company Viação 1001 in the following hours:
Departure: 08:45, 09:00, 09:15, 09:45, 10:15, 11:15, 13:15, 15:00, 15:15, 17:00, 17:15 y 19:30h. / Return: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 y 19:00h. / Useful Phones:  
Viação 1001: 0300-313-1001  
Novo Río Station: +55 (21) 2291-5151  
Website: www.autoviacao1001.com.br 
Through the site or by phone you can buy the tickets in advance paying with credit card. Especially in holidays and high season it is important to buy them in advance. We recommend always to confirm hours and prices. 
To get to Rodoviária Novo Río (New Bus Station in Rio) from the International Airport of Rio, you can take a taxi or a bus with air-conditioner of the Viação Real company, with periodic outings during all day.

- From São Paulo (San Pablo) to Buzios - directly:
Departures on Fridays at 21:45, returning Sundays at 21_30hs.

- Alternative Road - by Cabo Frío:
The Viação 1001 company has departures from Río, Niterói and São Paulo to Cabo Frio where the company Viação Salineira (55-22-2645-5454 or 0800-245454) makes the way up to Buzios every day with intervals of 20 minutes. You can also take a taxi in Cabo Frio to Buzios for R$ 30,00.
It is recommended to confirm with the Viação 1001 company the prices and hours. Website: www.autoviacao1001.com.br or 0300-313-1001

By Air

Umberto Modiano Airport- Buzios
Phone: (22) 2629-1225
Cabo Frio Airport:
Phone: (22) 2644 5277
Santos Dumont Airport - Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (21) 3814 7070
Rio de Janeiro International Airport
Phone: (21) 3398 5050 / 3398 4526 / 3398 4527

National Flights: regular line TEAM Air Lines.
TEAM offers round flights to Buzios, from the Santos Dumont airport (Río de Janeiro) every Friday and Sunday in twin-engined aircrafts, with last generation turbo-propellers, LET- 410 E-20 models, with space for 19 passengers. More information by telephone: +55 (21) 3318-1616 or in the website: www.voeteam.com.br

Private jets and non-regular flights.
Humberto Modiano Aiport (Buzios) operates with a landing strip of 1300m x 30m, covered in asphalt, with light signaling for the night and space for private planes, Fockker 27 and 50. For more infromation call: (55) (22) 2629-1225

- Air Taxi Companies / Helicopters in Rio de Janeiro:
Air Taxi Leader
Phone: +55 (21) 2431-5545
Helistar Air Taxi
Phone: +55 (21) 3325-6300
Aeróleo Air Taxi
Phone: +55 (21) 2543-1260
Phone: +55 (21) 7894-5910 / +55 (21) 3325-5180
KS Air Taxi
Phone: +55 (21) 2431-2305
Team Air Lines
Phone: +55 (21) 3318-1616
Zeus Air Taxi
Phone: +55 (11) 6676-4198 / +55 (11) 9187-8622

By Sea

Sailing Boats and Launches.
Buzios is surrounded by sea. Nothing better than to arrive in sailing boats or launches.

The Porto Buzios Fleet (55) (22) 2629-1238 offers a sophisticated navy for you to anchor your boat safely. Another option is Porto Veleiro (55) (22) 2623-2470 in Armação beach.

The Yatch Club of Buzios in Ossos beach is only opened for members.

The nautic letter of Buzios has the number 1504.

The wind blows around 18 kilometers per hour and the majority of the time to the north-east of the island.

During summer (December to March) Buzios receives several Cruise Ships, which usually anchor in Buzios for one day and, depending on the schedule, it is possible to descent and know the city.

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