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Since 2006, the Rochester Hotels chain implements RH+, a program of incentives and benefits destined to motivate, attract and retain talents, improving the performance, the labour atmosphere and harmony with the HR families.
"Each person and each task are essential to improve our activity. On this dependes that passangers get services and our HR motivation" says Walter Paulovich, general manager of de RH company. The industry of hospitality offers many satisfactions but it is very demanding.
Therefor, we offer benefits that generate experience, involving the staff families and providing a greater welfare in the personal life of our group. Being part of the RH Hotels Group is a source of pride to our employees and their families.
"In Rochester Hotels our objective is to create and motivate talent: the majority of our staff started in internships plans and continued growing in the company, winning experience and specialization.".
During the first stage of the RH+ implementation, the staff receives training in services, language classes, family outings to enjoy and coupons for shopping mall, which are some of the benefits provided. On the last year and as the "Golden brooch" we added the Club of benefits RH+ and Holiday incentives.
"We have given week stays in the Atlantic coast for our employees to rest with their family. This is a way to motivate and thank them for their contribution on the growth of RH company" says Paulovich.
RH+. Hospitality + Attitude indoors.