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Outdoors and Sports

Sport occupies a central place in the daily life of Buenos Aires. Some events that took place in the city: two volleyball world championships, one basketball championship, a World Cup, Davis Cups, fights for the boxing world title, Formula 1 races, international rugby matches and annually the International Open Tennis Tournament and The Polo Open are held.


For those who wish to spend a day in the open air at the heart of the City, there are golf courses and various driving were you can take classes, play free or observe the competitions and tournaments that are fought. There also are several Golf Courses in the greater Buenos Aires, they are worth knowing.


Golf Field in the Ciudad   
Address: Av. Ernesto Tornquist 6397 
Neighborhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4381 3003 // 4772 7576 


Federal Police Circule  
Address: Av. Lugones y Av. General Paz 
4701 5500 // 4701 9613 


Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires 
Address: Av. del Libertador 7501 
Neighborhood: Nuñez 
4703 0222 // 4703 1965 


Golf Club José Jurado 
Address: Av. Coronel Roca 5025 
Neighborhood: Villa Lugano 
( 54 11 ) 4605 4706 / 0623 


It is the sport of the upper classes. Played at full speed on horses bred in La Pampa, the polo players transmit  a feeling of vertigo and remarkable precision. The Polo Open with more than a 100 years, has become the dream of the biggest players. 


Argentine Polo Field   
Address: Av. Del Libertador y Dorrego 
Neighborhood: Palermo 
 (54 11) 4576 5600 


It is a very popular sport, the horse races take place on the Racecourse of Palermo, 15 minutes from San Isidro, 30 minutes from Buenos Aires Capital and an hour from La Plata.


Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo 
Adress: Av. Del Libertador 4101 
Neighborhood: Palermo 
( 54 11 ) 4778 2800 


This crowds passion in Buenos Aires (and all the country) makes football more popular. Argentina has 20 first division clubs, of which eight are in the capital.  The Local Football Championship is between the five most important in the world. To attend the first division championships it is important to know that they are played between Fridays and Sundays during the day or at night. The fixture with the matches can be requested in the Argentine Football Association (AFA). 


Athletic Association Argentinos Juniors   
Address: Av. Boyaca 2151 
Neighbourhood: Paternal 
( 54 11 ) 4551 6887 / 8202 


Athletic Club San Lorenzo of Almagro   
Address: Av. Perito Moreno y Av. F. de la Cruz 
Neighbourhood: Villa Soldati 
( 54 11 ) 4383 3555 


Athletic Club All Boys   
Address: Av. Álvarez Jonte 4180 
Neighbourhood: Floresta 
(54 11) 4639 8688 


Atheltic Club Atlanta   
Address: Humboldt 348 
Neighbourhood: Villa Crespo 
(54 11) 4856 5999 


Athletic Club Barracas Central   
Address: Luna 1221 
Neighbourhood: Parque Patricios 
(54 11) 4301 5855 


Athletic Club Boca Juniors   
Address: Brandsen 805 
Neighbourhood: La Boca 
( 54 11 ) 4309 4700 / 4362 


Atheltic Club Excursionistas   
Address: La Pampa 1376 
Neighbourhood: Belgrano 
(54 11) 4788 8007 


Athletic Club Independiente   
Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires 
(54 11) 4201 1875 / 6590 


Athletic Club Platense   
Neighbourhood: Provincia de Buenos Aires 2021 
(54 11) 4791 4748 


Athletic Club Racing Club   
Address: Provincia de Buenos Aires 
(54 11) 4222 6388 / 5081 


Athletic Club River Plate   
Address: Av. Pte. Figueroa Alcorta 7597 
Neighbourhood: Nuñez 
( 54 11 ) 4788 1200 


Athletic Club Vélez Sarsfield   
Address: Av. Juan B. Justo 9200 
Neighbourhood: Liniers 
( 54 11 ) 4641 5663 


Club Comunicaciones 
Address: Av. San Martín 5125 
Neighbourhood: Agronomía 
(54 11) 4502 9493 


Club Defensores de Belgrano 
Address: Comodoro Rivadavia 1450 
Neighbourhood: Nuñez 
(54 11) 4702 8967 


Club Deportivo Español 
Address: Santiago de Compostela 3801 
Neighbourhood: Flores 
(54 11) 4612 8018 / 4647 / 6903 


Club Ferrocarril Oeste 
Address: Gral. Martín de Gainza 244 
Neighbourhood: Caballito 
( 54 11 ) 4432 3989 


Deporte para gente de a caballo, audaz y valiente, se practica en Argentina desde principios del siglo XVII. En el año 1953, en mérito y arraigo de sus tradiciones, se lo declaró Deporte Nacional. En el Campo Argentino de Pato, (ubicado a 30 kilómetros de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires), se juegan torneos los fines de semana, desde marzo a octubre. El más importante es el Campeonato Argentino Abierto y se disputa durante el mes de diciembre.  


Campo Argentino de Pato 
Dirección: Provincia de Buenos Aires 
Barrio: Pcia. de Buenos Aires 
 (54 11) 4664 9211 


The City is home to one of the most important tournaments in South America: The Buenos Aires Open (in February) and every Davis Cup in which the Argentine team is local.


Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis 
Address: Av. Olleros 1510 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
 (54 11) 4774-5679 


Parque Roca 
Address: Av. Roca 3490 
Neighbourhood: Villa Soldati 
 (54 11) 4919 1542 

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