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Gaucho, the South American rider, generally devoted to take care his cattle, that is why he has similarities with the Mexican charro, the Chilean huaso, the Venezuelan-Colombian llanero, the American Cowboy, the Ecuadorean chagra, the Peruvian qorilazo and morochuco (all horse riders). Until the ends of the nineteenth century he was semi-nomadic, then restricted because of the fencing. Nowadays, we call gauchos to the rural people dedicated to stock breeding tasks in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivian Chaco, the Chilean area of the Patagonia and the population of the South Big River, south of Brazil. Women are traditionally called  "paisana", "guaina"(in the north coastline), "gaucha" and wrongly called "china", at the beginning this term was used to refer to women of unhappy lifes, but over time it began to be used in this way.

In the Argentine culture the mythical image of the pampas gaucho is strongly highlighted. His role in the country´s history as well as in literature has contributed to created that image from works such as “Martin Fierro” by José Hernanández.

In all the Argentine territory there are agriculture and stock breeding establishments, known under the name of farms, many of which had exceeded the 200 years of history and are usually run by gauchos. Some of them have amazing mansions of English and French architecture, with very luxurious furniture and comfortably equipped. Others, on the contrary, still keep the old and austere colonial style. Many farmers have turned the facilities of their establishments into great class hotels.

Farms give guests the possibility of doing activities that will make their stay a wonderful experience: horse ridding, fishing, observation of birds, polo, golf, etc. You also have the opportunity to do some farm work such as driving the cattle, milk the cows, branding cattle, shear sheeps, or see some western riding, and enjoy playing the guitar and folk music.

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