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Communities and religions

During the past 150 years, Argentina received and keeps on receiving millions of immigrants from Europe, Latin America and all over the world. Many arrive to Buenos Aires and decide to stay here: therefore Buenos Aires identity is multicultural, a feature that shows in the diversity and abundance of religious worships that coexist in the city.

In Argentina there is freedom of worships. The official religion, though, is the Roman Catholic Apostolic, represented by many churches.
There are also sees of other religions, among which we can highlight the central synagogue of the Jewish religion, unique see were rabbis of all the world are trained and the Mosque of Palermo, the largest Islamic temple in Latin America.
The variety of temples is part of the Buenos Aires heritage and tourist attraction.

Temple of the Argentine Israeli Congregation

Libertad 761
There a synagogue, the Israeli Congregation of the Argentine Republic (ICAR) and a museum of the Jewish history operate. The ICAR was the first Jewish association opened in the country.
The temple has a byzantine style. The buildings started in1897 and ended in 1932.
In the museum you can see objects and documents of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires and a collection of religious art.

Orthodox Russian Church of the Holy Trinity

Brasil 315
Opened in 1904, based on a project of the architect of the Holy Synod of Russia Mihail Preobrazensky and adapted to the architect Alejandro Christophersen. It has a muscovite style of the seventeenth century. At the front in venetian mosaic there is a representation of the Holy Trinity made by San Petersburgo.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Rivadavia and San Martín, San Nicolás
It has an atypical neoclassic facade. There many churches were built, from the first one in 1584 until the current one from the mid-nineteenth century. Inside you can see a sample of four centuries of religious art and the mausoleum were the remains of General Jose de San Martin rest.

Cultural Islamic Center Guardian of two Sacred Mosques

Rey Fahd, Av. Int. Bullrich 55, Palermo.
This religious complex was opened in 2000, with the presence of the heir prince of Saudi Arabia. The mosque, of Arabian style, has space for 1500 people. It has two minarets for prayers and water fountains to perform their ablutions.

Houses of different communities

French Alliance Buenos Aires
Community: French
Address: Av. Córdoba 936/946
Neighborhood: San Nicolás
(54 11) 4322 0068

AMIA. Mutual Argentine Israeli Association 
Community: Jewish
Address: Pasteur 633
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4959 8800

Mutual and Cultural Calabresa Association  
Community: Italian
Address: HipólitoYrigoyen 3922
Neighborhood: Almagro
(54 11) 4981 9549

Armenian Cultural Association
Community: Armenia 
Address: Armenia 1366
Neighborhood: Palermo
(54 11) 4773 4452

Slovakian Cultural Association
Community: Slovakian
Address: José Mármol 629
Neighborhood: Boedo
(54 11) 4983 2567

Asociación Dante Alighieri
Community: Italian 
Address: Tucumán 1646
Neighborhood: San Nicolás
(54 11) 4371 2480

Association of Uruguayan Residents in Buenos Aires
Community: Uruguayan 
Address: Av. Patricios 566
Neighborhood: La Boca
(54 11) 4301 2863

Italian Association of Belgrano
Community: Italian
Address: Moldes 2153/65
Neighborhood: Belgrano
(54 11) 4786 2362

Italian Association of Mutuality and Instruction (IAMI) Unione e Benevolenza 
Community: Italian
Address: Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 1362
Neighborhood: San Nicolás
(54 11) 4372 3025

The Greek Community Association
Community: Greek
Address: Julián Álvarez 1030
Neighborhood: Villa Crespo
(54 11) 4772 6336

Ukraine Association of PROSVITA Culture
Community: Ukraine
Address: Soler 5039
Neighborhood: Palermo
(54 11) 4775 0226

Ukraine Renaissance Association
Community: Ukraine
Address: Maza 150
Neighborhood: Almagro
(54 11) 4864 7831

Aux Anciens Combattants
Community: French
Dirección: Santiago del Estero 1435
Neighborhood: Constitución
(54 11) 4305 1701

Chilean- Argentine House
Community: Chilean
Address: Bolívar 668
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4362 2547

House of Madrid 
Community: Spanish
Address: Libertad 940
Neighborhood: Retiro

House of Russia 
Community: Russian
Address: Rivadavia 4266
Neighborhood: Almagro
(54 11) 4982 2442

Paraguayan House of Buenos Aires 
Community: Paraguayan
Address: Chile 1769
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4383 4283

Catalonia House of  Buenos Aires 
Community: Spanish
Address: Chacabuco 863
Neighborhood: San Telmo
(54 11) 4300 1023

Asturian Center 
Community: Spanish
Address: Solís 475
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4381 2776

Calabrese  Center
Community: Italian 
Address: Escalada 1880/2
Neighborhood: Floresta
54 11) 4683 4443

Center of Latin American Residents
Community: Latin American
Address: Bernardo de Irigoyen 190 3º
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4342 4130

Galician Center
Community: Spanish
Address: Mitre 2538
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4952 4468

Galician Center of Buenos Aires
Community: Spanish
Address: Av. Belgrano 2199
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4127 1000

Lithuanian Center
Community: Lithuanian
Address: Tabaré 6950
Neighborhood: Villa Riachuelo
(54 11) 4605 0496

Basque Center
Community: Basque 
Address: Belgrano 1144
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4383 3903

French Basque Center
Community: Basque
Address: Moreno 1370
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4383 5831

Italian Circle
Community: Italian
Address: Libertad 1264
Neighborhood: Retiro
(54 11) 4811 1160 /

German Club in Buenos Aires
Community: German
Address: Av. Corrientes 327 21
Neighborhood: San Nicolás
(54 11) 4311 0716

Spanish Club
Community: Spanish
Address: Bernardo de Irigoyen 172
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4334 0300 /

Italian Club
Community: Italian
Address: Av. Rivadavia 4731
Neighborhood: Caballito
(54 11) 4901 1061

Lebanese Club 
Community: Arab
Address: Junín 1462
Neighborhood: Recoleta
(54 11) 4806 1572

Portuguese Club
Community: Portuguese
Address: Pedro Goyena 1468
Neighborhood: Caballito
(54 11) 4432 5801

Manco Capac Social Club
Community: Peruvian
Address: Mansilla and Quirno Costa
Neighborhood: Recoleta
(54 11) 4996 1436

Swedish Club
Community: Swedish
Address: Tacuarí 147
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4334 7813

Gure Echea Argentine Basque Club
Community: Basque
Address: Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 2143
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4953 8328

General Confederation of Italian Federations
Community: Italian
Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 1149
Neighborhood: Retiro
(54 11) 4816 5411

Federation of Argentine-German Associations
Community: German
Address: Av. Belgrano 295 6
Neighborhood: Monserrat
(54 11) 4343 9817

Federation of Bolivian Associations
Community: Bolivian
Address: Larrea 133
Neighborhood: Balvanera
(54 11) 4638 7577

Federation of Italian Catholic Associations (FICA)
Community: Italian
Address: Necochea 312
Neighborhood: La Boca
(54 11) 4361 5063

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