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Puerto Madero

What you cannot miss from the newest neighborhood in the city:

1. Cárcova School of Fine Arts, Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1701
Besides workshops and classrooms, it is the venue of the Replica Museum, where reproductions of classic sculptures in natural size are exhibited. In the inside garden -with a morrish fountain and old trees- there is a grill. 
2. Fountain of the Nereids. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1600
Work of 1903 made by a sculptress from Tucuman, Lola Mora, representing the birth of Venus. It was destinated to Plaza de Mayo, but the naked bodies caused polemic and it was located in Leandro N. Alem Avenue, where it remained for 15 years, and then moved to the South Coastal. Made in Carrara marble. 
3. Ecological Reserve, Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550
Without human intervention, fauna and flora had been colonizing territories won to the river in the decade of 1970. In 1986, the government gave the area the category of Natural Reserve. Five minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires, it has a surface of 350 hectares. Covered by grass and trees as the willows. It has hundred of bird, mammals, amphibious and reptiles species living there. There are guided tours during day and night. 
4. South Coastal, Azucena Villaflor y Tristán Achával Rodríguez
In 1918 a municipal coastal town was opened. A great breakwater divided the men area from the women area, according to the rules of that time. The riverside became one of the favorite places of the people. Since the 1950 decade, due to the pollution of the Rio de la Plata, the seaside resort began to loose popularity. 
5. Malecón Building, Dike 1
Built in 1999, designed by one of the most important architects in the United States. It is a 12 floor tower with offices and a great commercial support. 
6. Church Our Lady of Hope, Dike 2
Belongs to the Argentine Coast Guard. Designed by the architects Poli, Casano and Zubillaga, opened in 1996. It is round as the Church of Inmaculada Concepción, in Belgrano. 
7. Buenos Aires Mill, Dike 2
On the east margin of the dike the mill is located, built in 1891. It produced flours until 1956. Its style is exponent of the port architecture and was declared national heritage. 
8. Monument for tango, Dike 2
9. Mills Building Río de la Plata, Dike 3
Finished in 1902, part of the most prosper time of the Buenos Aires port. The silos of telescope pipes allowed to organized the loading and unloading of products according to the storage time. 
10. Ship Sarmiento Frigate Museum, Dock 3
It was one of the ship-school of the Army. Built in England in 1898 as request of the Argentinean government. It made 39 trips through all the seas of the world. 
11. Bridge of the Woman, Dike 3
Work of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The bridge turns 90 degrees to allow ships to go by. The building took 12 months and ended in 2001. 
12. Monument to Cristóbal Colón and Colón Park, Avenue de la Rábida
The construction was encouraged by Antonio Devoto, a prosperous Italian immigrant, because of the centenary of the independence of Argentina. The work is of the sculptor Arnaldo Zocchi. Opened in 1921.
The figure of Colon -in Carrara marbel- weights 38 tones and is 6,25 meters height.
The monument still has the traces of the missiles shooted during the bombing of Plaza de Mayo in 1955, when planes of the Navy tried to overthrow president Perón. 
13. Arts Pavillion –UCA, (Building Sta. María de los Buenos Aires),  Tour Juana M. Gorriti 1.300
The Argentine Catholic University has opened this Pavillion, that has 400 square meters, dedicated to different plastic arts in Argentine.
Hour: Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 to 20hs. Information: 4338-0667 

14. Monumental Antenna or the Italian´s mast,  Italianos and Güemes avenue.
In the center of the square we find this column crowned by a replica of the winged lion of San Marcos, in Venice. The work, donation of the Italian government, it is a meeting point for Italian events in the city. 
15. Puerto Madero Station, Perón and Alicia Moreau de Justo Avenue
Service of trains of  great category (air conditioner and functional music)and it goes through a tunnel of 1912 that joins the port with the west side of Buenos Aires. 
16. Ship Corbeta Uruguay Museum, Dike 4
Built in the english shipyards in 1872 by President Sramiento. Between 1898 and 1961 it was the ship-school of the Argentine Navy. It has 85 meters length and 13,3 meters wide. In 1901 it went to to Antartica to rescue a swedish expedition of the Antartic, that had wrecked trapped in the ice. 
17. Yacht Club Puerto Madero, Dike 4
Opened in 1997. Designed by Camper, an english company dedicated to the port building since 1782. Its floating Club House has 2.000m2 and three floors. Services of electricity, running water, cable Tv, telephone, cleaning, maintenance and navy reparation. 
18. Tourist Information Center, Dike 4
One of the seven centers for tourist attention of the Buenos Aires Government. They offer maps, guides and brochures in different languages. 
19. Yacht Club Argentine Port, Dock 4
Yachting school.

20. Bank Boston Building, Della Paolera 265
In the hall you can see a 5,5x12 meters mural of the Argentine painter Guillermo Roux, finished in 2005. The work demanded four years and Roux made it with the help pf his assistants Mariana Curci and Laura Olalde. 

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