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Green Areas

Places surrounded by nature, where you can practice sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Many parks often have pools, grills, parking space and offer recreational activities, they are ideal places to spend the day with friends or family. What's more, the city has lakes, forests, two coastal, nature reserves and trees that stained the streets and avenues in green.

Lezama Park - Defensa, Brasil, Paseo Colón Av and Martín García Av.
In the beginning it was where slaves were kept. Then it was the scenario of the defeat of the last local forces against the English Invasions. Long after the famous English MacKinley built his house on this territory. In 1857, José Gregorio Lezama took over these lands, he gave life and decorated it with trees, flowers and fences. During the yellow fever epidemic the house operated as a hospital and after the death of José Lezama, his wife sold the property with the only condition to be turned into a public park with the name of his dead husband, Lezama.

Thays PARK, Av del Libertador y Av Callao. In the beginning it was the amusement park Ital Park. After a long time, the park became the Thays Park in memory of the landscaper architect Carlos Thays, we find in it several sculptures such as the bare-chested sculptures of the Colombian Fernando Botero.

Libertad Square. In Retiro, between Libertador Av, Marcelo T. de Alvear, Cerrito and Paraguay. Where the wagons that came from the city used to park. Known in 1780 as the gap of Miss Engracia.

3 de Febrero Park: in Palermo neighborhood. The green lung of the city. Where we find the Rose Garden, the Garden of the Poets and Patio Andaluz. It has a wonderful lake, sculptures and natural paths to go for a walk.

Zoo. In the neighborhood of Palermo, on Avenida Las Heras and Sarmiento. We found here different animal species, a farm and an aquarium. A tropical forest in the city.

Botanical Garden. Av. Santa Fe y Las Heras, Palermo.
It extends over 6 hectares, with 5-style gardens, 5 winter gardens, more than 5500 species of shrubs, plants and herbs. It is notable for its great organization and design.

THE JAPANESE GARDEN. Av Casares and Adolfo Berro
Eastern gardens in Buenos Aires. It has waterfalls, exotic flowers, bridges and Karpa fish brought directly from Japan.

HOLY LAND THEME PARK, at the North riverside, along Avenida Rafael Obligado 5790. It is a reproduction of Jerusalem 2000 years ago and it is the only holly theme park in Latin America.

President Sarmiento Park Av Ricardo Balbin 4750.
Occupying 70 hectares, with a sports school for Athletics, Hockey, Tennis and Gymnastics. It is within the busiest and most popular parks in the city, offering soccer, tennis, paddle ball, handball, beach volleyball, basketball, running track and skate ramps, 3 swimming pools and playgrounds.

NORTH PARK. Facing University City at Cantilo Avenue and Güiraldes. A place for family and friends, with different pools, tables, chairs, parasols, bars and sports tournaments.

Barrancas de Belgrano. Avenues L. M. Oath and Juramento, between Zavalía, September 11 and La Pampa streets. The largest natural lung of the city. Ideal for relaxation, make long walks, excercise, attend recitals, gather to play chess or billiards, dancing tango and practice Tai Chi Chuan arts, among other things. Designed by Carlos Thays, near Palermo Woods.

Centennial Park, Antartida Argentina, Ángel Gallardo, Díaz Velez, Leopoldo Marechal Avenues.
A cultural park. In its surroundings we find the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia, the Marie Curie Cancer Hospital, Leloir Institute Foundation(scientific research institute) and the Argentine Friends Association about Astronomy. It has an amphitheater where great shows are performed and one of the most famous fairs every weekend.

Avellaneda Park, Directorio and Lacarra Av. Historical, cultural and natural park. In its 30 hectares we find The big Olivera house (headquarter of the administration office and an exhibition center), the former swimming place(Center of cultural production and middle school of building green areas), the Tambo (Center of Scenic Arts). Where you can make the traditional tour in train.

San Martín Square, located in Santa Fe, Maipú, L. N. Alem avenues and Florida street, in the neighbourhood fo Retiro, it has two completely opposite realities. On the pn hand, we se the elegance of the palace area, where we fonde the Chancery and the Militar Circle. On the other hand, a sad and hard paralel situation, the emergency shanty town under the 9 de Julio motorway, al ost hidden from the Myers of tourists. Retiro is one of the neighbourhoods with more movement, especially Turing the rush hours, as it is where thousand of people arrive or leave each day. It is the leader of three Railway Stations, the Bus Station, and many bus lines.

Retiro Headquarters of three railway stations, where the Bus Station and several bus lines are located. One of the areas of greatest movement in the city.
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