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Rochester Hotel - concept


Outstanding Buildings

Colon Theatre

Cerrito 618
Opened in 1857 facing Plaza de Mayo, in 1888 it was relocated to Cerrito 618, its current location. Tamburini and Meano where the ones who started building the theatre, but died during it, thus it was then ended by the Belgian Dormal. Raúl Soldi was responsible for the decoration of the dome. It is one of the best theaters with a horseshoe-shaped room that offers the best acoustics in the world. It also has scenic workshops, a library, a museum, ballet artists and an orchestra.

Cervantes Theatre

Córdoba 1155
One of the major theaters nationwide. Elegant, luxurious, with beautiful stained glass, metalwork, crafts, carpets and curtains imported from Spain. Opened in 1921, built by Maria Guerrero, the famous actress and her Spanish husband. Then the government appropriate it when the couple found themselves in bankruptcy.

Kavanagh Building

Florida 1065, Retiro
Opened in 1936, designed by the firm of architects Sánchez, Lagos and de la Torre. Wide, luxurious, the first skyscraper in the city and the highest in South America. Declared a National Historic Monument, it symbolizes rationalism.

Planetarium "Galileo Galilei"

Built by the General Director of Architecture and Urbanism Enrique Jan. It explains through detailed images, the beginning of the universe, the creation and composition of planets, stars and other bodies in the space. It also organizes projections of the sun and displays of solar eclipse. Surrounded by gardens, lakes and trees.

Running Waters Palace

Cordoba, Riobamba, Viamonte and Ayacucho Avenue
Finished in 1894, this National Historic Monument, was created by the construction company Bateman-Parsons and Bateman to solve health problems in times of the epidemics in the city. It is a collector tank of running water, which hides under a polychrome palace with more than 170 thousand and 130 thousand ceramic glazed bricks in shades of ocher and green, with shields of the 14 provinces that by then constituted the Argentina Republic and the shield of the Federal Capital.

Pilar Church

When the Recoleta monks occupied these territories, they built the Pilar Church and Convent, one of the greatest historical events of the religious history. Today, in these territories we find the Recoleta Cemetery, a cemetery of worldwide attraction for its beauty and great sculptures. In the surrounding we find restaurants, music shops, clothes shops, craft fairs, among other activities.
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