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A musical style that takes root in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo, Buenos Aires is considered the capital of tango. An international classic, recognized and respected worldwide. It is a passionate and emotional dance, with lyrics that tell the stories of men and women, their experiences, sorrows, joys and loves. Accompanied by an orchestra in which the main instrument is the bandoneon.
We find in the city, prestigious tango house where you can appreciate a great dinner and excellent shows at the same time. Dinners include local and international food. We also find through the city the famous milongas, places where you learn, practice and dance tango. The  milongas offer individual or group classes, for beginners or advanced, about one or two hours long. It is suggested to take four to five classes to incorporate the basic steps.

Terms and basic concepts of tango:
  • BANDONEON: A portable wind instrument with keys or buttons that require a special technique to play it. It gives this musical style a unique and melancholic sound which identifies tango.
  • PITCHING: Slight Movement of the head backwards and to the side, with which the man asks, without approaching, a woman to dance.
  • LUNFARDO: It is the way of talking in the urban world. It includes many words and expressions of the immigrants who arrived at Buenos Aires during the second half of the twentieth century. As tango became popular and transcended the suburbs barriers, this way of talking was incorporated in the daily life.
  • MILONGA: One of the rhythms of tango and where it is taught, practiced and danced tango.
  • PRACTICE: intermediate state between a class and a milonga. You practice what they learned in class and tango is danced informally.
  • REBOUND: being rejected after proposing an invitation to dance.
  • SANGUCHITO: is a gesture of containment in the dance, one of the most common figures in the tango, the man holds the left foot of two women among his feet.

MILONGA  GUIDE, fundamental things to know when dancing tango:

Time: arrive early or leave late to have space in order to dancewithout bumping into others, as the track is shared with many couples and places to dance tango are often very busy.
What to wear: Tango Kit: T-shirt or shirt (an extra one to change), hairdressing (for retouching), a pair of socks (additional), make-up, dancing shoes (shoe bag), shoes without heel (to rest), talcum powder for the soles (if the runway is not slippery enough).  
Men: how to get the lady to dance with you
Two options:
- The pitch. Men and women look at each other, only if the woman keeps looking, the man moves his head slightly, inviting her to dance with him one piece.
- More risky method: Approaching the table of the women and invite her verbally to dance.

For women: How to Get a man to invite you to dance:
Be sure to be wearing the appropriate shoes, sit watching the dance floor with your legs towards the aisle, so that an unaware man will bump into your foot. You meet and consequently he invites you to dance.

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