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Rochester Hotel - concept




South American rider is the protagonist of the argentine history. He has always been described as brave, strong, man of the field, simple and humble, who works on his livestock. He was always highly respected and in his honor great literary works were written as Martín Fierro by José Hernández. We now call gauchos those people engaged in farming work and who live in rural areas of the country.
Moreover, we still find along Argentina the famous establishments known as “estancias”. They are houses of more than 200 years of history that were repaired, while maintaining its architectural style of sober English and French colonial origins, but turning them into agricultural establishments which provide excellent accommodation and activities to do during the day. They are small and luxurious hotels with all the necessary facilities for your greater comfort, where you can do field tasks, such as: horseback riding, fishing, birdwatching, playing polo and golf, herding cattle, milking cows, misses the cattle, bring the sheep, shearing sheep or watch a dressage riders or by the gauchos and enjoy a guitar and dances.
He has always been compared with the Mexican charro, the huaso Chile, the Venezuelan-Colombian plains, the American cowboy, the Chagra Ecuador, the Peruvian qorilazo and Morochucos. Moreover, women gaucho has been named "Paisano", "guaina" (North litoraleño), "RS" and so-called "china."
An unforgettable experience that is worth making.

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