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Museums, libraries and art galleries


Buenos Aires is a city with an unrivaled tourist offer, with different activities that make you know the history of the city. It has more than a hundred museums, among which we can name the ones of national and international art, historic ones, others dedicated to football, shoes, puppets and suits.


Ship Museum Frigate A.R.A. President Sarmiento. Alicia Moreau de Justo al 900, Puerto Madero - 4334 9386. Hours: all days from 10 to 19hs. Admission: contribution bono $2.
Historical evidence of more than a hundred years:  the training ship of the Argentine Navy was named alter its founder: Pte. Domingo F. Sarmiento, proponent of the Navy and maritime awareness.


Museums Center in Buenos Aires.Av. de los Italianos 851, Puerto Madero. 4516 0944 al 49. Hours: Monday to Friday 14 to 18hs., Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10 to 19hs. Free admission from Monday to Friday. Guided visits: all days.
The headquarters of the General Direction of Museums, is in a building of high historical and architectonic value, located on the South Coastal, emblematic tour in Buenos Aires. There temporary exhibitions take place, guided visits, shows, Workshops, seminaries and other cultural activities, with the aim of spreading and increasing the Heritage and museum activities.


Outdoors Museum of Plastic Artists of Caminito. Passage Caminito between Magallanes and Lamadrid, La Boca.  4114 5777 / 5789. Hours: all days from 10 to 19hs.
Caminito, the first pedestrian street of this kind in the world, named after the musician Juan Dios Filiberto, author of the tango music. This is an outdoor museum with sculptures, reliefs and murals in stone, cement and ceramic giving a popular taste, with the natural and picturesque style of the colorful houses of La Boca.


Museum House of Carlos Gardel. Jean Jaurès 735, Abasto - 4964 2015. Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11 to 18hs. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 13, 15 and 17hs.
The museum opened its Doors in March  2003, in the house where Carlos Gardel and his mother lived. The house was rebuilt based on its original concept and shows Gardel´s universe, from the myth made up on the imaginary bus to the intimacy of the private life of the Creole Zorzal.


Museum of Spanish Art Enrique Larreta. Av. Juramento 2291, Belgrano. 4784 4040 / 4783 2640. Hours: Mondays to Fridays form 14 to 20, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 to 20hs. Admission: $1(residents), $3(not residents). Thursdays Free. Guided visits: Mondays to Fridays from 17hs. Ask for availability by phone. It is the only exponent of Spanish art in Argentina and the building was the house of the modernist writer Enrique Larreta (1873-1961). In its neocolonial architecture valuable carvings, paintings, furniture, ceramics and other objects of the XIII and XX centuries are exhibited. The building is surrounded by an Andalusian garden of  7.000 square meters.


Museum of Spanish American Art Isaac Fernández Blanco. Suipacha 1422, Retiro, 4327 0272. Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 14 to 19hs. Admission: contribution bonus. Thursdays free. Guided visits: Saturdays and Sundays 15 and 17hs. Ask by phone for visits in English, French and German.
In the Noel Palace, of neocolonial style typical of the 20´s, we find the largest public Collection of the south american colonial silver in Latin America, which includes religious and civil parts. It also boasts a gallery that covers the colonial era, particularly the XVIII Century, up to the independent period.


Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires - Colección Costantini (MALBA). Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo. 4808 6500. Hours: Thursdays to Mondays 12 to 20hs. Wednesdays12 to 21hs. Admission: $12 (Wednesdays free). Guided Visits: visits to the permanent exhibition on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 16hs.
It is one of the newest museums of the city and has 228 works of the Constantini Collection. It has works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Tarsilia do Amaral, Wilfredo Lam and of the main Argentine artists. It also conducts temporary exhibitions, movie cycles and conferences.


Museum of Popular Art José Hernández. Av. del Libertador 2373, Palermo.  4803 2384//4803 3899. Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays from 13 to 19, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 to 20hs. Admission: $1 residents, $3 not residents. Sundays Free. Guided Visits: call 4803 2384. In English: Wednesdays to Fridays from 14.30 to 18hs. Sundays from 14 to 19hs.
Its Heritage includes more than 8.000 objects and includes mainly historic and contemporary handicrafts, representing American traditions and aborigine communities of Argentina. It preserves examples in pottery, leather, vegetable fibre, wood, horn and bone, pumpkin and imaginary, masks and tissues.


Museum of Plastic Arts Eduardo Sívori. Av. Infanta Isabel 555, Palermo. 4778 3899. Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 12 to 20, Saturdays to Sundays 17 and 18hs. For other days, ask by phone.
Specialized in Argentine art, it has a vast Collection of paintings, prints, drawings and tapestries, a Heritage of more than 4200 pieces. The Heritage has works of  Lino Enea Spilimbergo, Carlos Morel, Libero Badii, Antonio Berni, Emilio Pettoruti, among others. A garden of sculptures and an important specialized library.


Museum of Fine Arts of La Boca Quinquela Martín. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1835, La Boca. 4301 1080. Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 to 17:30hs. Admission: contribution bono of $3 and $5.
The building stands on a territory donated by Quinquela Martin, over looking the Riachuelo, on Vuelta de Rocha. Its spacious terraces and different levels have in the painting rooms sculptures and engravings from the Collection of over 1000 pieces, including the Collection of works of the plastic artist. On of the rooms has figureheads of schooners, balandra, vapors and famous ships.


Museum of  Stickers and Comparing Sculpture Ernesto de La Cárcova. Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1701, La Boca. 4361 4419. Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 15hs. Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 17hs. Admission: $2.
Opened in 1928, it exhibits imitations of works representing from the Sumeria culture to the Renaissance, both on relifes and sculptures. Its importance is that most have been achieved from the original mold.


Museum of the Pink House. Hipólito Irigoyen 219, Monserrat. 4344 3802. Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 18. Admission: free. Guided Visits: Mondays to Fridays from 11 to 15hs, Sundays at 16hs. (reservations: 4344 3804).
In the mid-twentieth Century some of the remains of the Fort and the new Duty built in 1855 were discovered. On 1957 the Museum was opened, inside the compound of the Government House, with collections of bands and presidential sticks, suits, uniforms, documents, furniture and carriages, among other pieces, that belonged to different Presidents of the Republic.


Museum of the City. Alsina al 412 y Defensa, Monserrat. 4343 2123. Hours: Mondays to Sundays and Holidays form11 to 19hs. Admission: $1(residents), $3(foreigners). Mondays and Wednesdays free. Guided Visits: first Sunday of every month from 15:30 to 16:30hs.
Created on 1968, its aim is to preserve, investigate and spread the cultural Heritage and customs of Buenos Aires City through what its residents have generated and continue to generate. Its collections are composed by the most varied objects. From photographs, architectural elements, furniture, maps, postcards, magazines, up to the most diverse objects of everyday life.


Museum of Boca's Passion. Brandsen 805, La Boca. 4362 1100 // 4300 3626. Hours: Mondays to Sundays 10 to 18hs. Admission: $13 for residents, $20 for not residents. Guided Visits: from 11 to 17 every hour.
Built beneath the stands of the Boca stadium (the Bombonera) and its aim is to tell the history of Boca, the history of our football team, the identity of the neighborhood and the popular culture of the Argentine people. It is the first Interactive theme museum in Argentina, where the visitor becomes the main actor and it is also the first museum to include advanced exhibition techniques, scenery and lighting effects and audiovisual shows.


Museum of the Shoá- Foundation in memory of the Holocaust. Montevideo 919, Recoleta. 4811 3588. Hours: Mondays to Thursdays from 11 to 18hs. Fridays from 11 to 16:60hs. Admission: $5. Guided Visits: Ask by phone.
The museum through objects, Pictures and words tell the life of the Jews in Argentina and Europe before and during the Second World War. Among other things, a Collection of photographs of the German Heinz Jöst on 1941 in the ghetto of Varsovia are exhibited.


Museum of what was the old National Congress. Balcarce 139, Monserrat. 4343 4416 // 4331 4633 / 5147. Hours: Thursdays from 15 to 17hs.
In this building of strong Italian influence we find the Academy of History, which protects the old site of the National Congress (operated between 1884 and 1905).


Museum of Cars. Irigoyen 2265, Villa Real. 4644 0828//4641 3969. Hours: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 14 to 19hs. Admission: $10 adults, $5 children.
The exhibition includes vintage, classic, sport and competition cars, antiques and objects that were part of the Buenos Aires of the early twentieth Century. The Memories Street reproduce shops and tenement houses, an YPF and ACA service stations. Moreover, there is a space dedicated to the motorist Oscar Galvez.


Museum of the Argentine Club of Cars. Av. Del Libertador 1850, Palermo. 4808 4240.  Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 17hs. Admission: free.
In it you can find cars of the late XIX Century and early XX Century with excellent preservation state, as well as pieces related to the period. Moreover, you can find sport cars that were used by the great athletes of our country in the last Century.


Museum of Historic Heritage – Palace of the running waters. Riobamba 750 Floor 1, Balvanera. 6319 1104. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 9 to 13. Admission: free. Guided Tours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11hs.
The building, built between 1887 and 1994, is one of the most beautiful in Buenos Aires and it has the great Distribution Deposits, which supplied the city for more than half a century with 72 million water liters. The exhibition of sanitary artifacts, pipes and pieces used from the early Century in the houses of Buenos Aires. The museum tells part of the sanitary life of the city, together with models, advertising of that time and approved plans of sanitary facilities.


Evitas`s Museum. Lafinur 2988, Palermo. 4807 0306//4809 3168. Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 to 19hs. Admission: $10. Guided tours: ask by phone.
An environment that tells the life and work of one of the most important women in Argentine history. A space with modern shapes, that uses technology to bring history to the present. Offers a life experience, for people to know, feel and understand an essential part of the country´s history. Inside and in the garden of the museum operates a restaurant and a bar.


Historic Museum of the General Cornelio Saavedra. Crisólogo Larralde 6309, Saavedra. 4572 0746 //4572 4574. Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 9 to 18hs. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 to 20hs. Admission: $1 (residents), $3 (not residents). Tuesdays and Wednesdays free. Guided Tours: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 17hs. Reserve by phone. Services: Library and documentary archive: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 to 18hs.
Located in an old 1870 house, the farm of Luis Maria Saavedra. Collection of silver, jewelry, furniture, documents, iconography, weapons, clothes and coins, introducing through its rooms readings and reflections on politics, economy, society and customs of a city that, such as Buenos Aires, was along the XIX Century capital of the Vice royalty, a province and a nation.


National Historic Museum. Defensa 1600, San Telmo. 4307 2301 / 3157 / 4457.  Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 to 18hs. Admission: $2.
The exhibition is organized according to a period that extends from pre-Hispanic times to the sanction of the law of universal vote in 1912 and threshold of future social and political changes which characterized the XX Century.


Museum Historic Sarmiento. Av. Juramento 2180, Belgrano. 4782 2354//4781 2989. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 14 to 18hs. Admission: $1, Thursdays free. Guided tours: Sundays 16hs. Other days: ask by phone.
The building was built between the years 1869-1874 by the architecture Juan A. Buschiazzo and is a clear exponent of the Italian neo-renaissance. At the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, in 1938, he museum was opened n his memory. The body of the museum  is composed by objects, library and documents of Sarmiento given by their grandchildren.


Museum Judie de Buenos Aires Dr. Salvador Kibrick. Libertad 769, San Nicolás. 4123 0101/03. Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 15 to 17:30hs. Admission: contribution bono $5.
Its Heritage belongs to the Israelite Congregation of the Argentine Republic, the museum has a Testimonial area, Art Gallery and Library. It dedicates to the recollection, investigation, teaching and spreading the Jewish identity, not religious, not political, dogmatic or sector, addressed to all interested in Jewish life in Argentina.


Metropolitan Museum. Castex 3217, Palermo. 4802 1911// 4803 4458. Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 14 to 20hs. Saturdays from 14 to 18hs. Admission: free.
The building were it is located is the Anchorena Palace, built in the year 1928. It Heritage has a Collection of engravings of Leonardo Da Vinci, printed in the year 1784 by Carlo Giuseppe Gerli and are set in the museum in dates to be determined according to the samples that are prepared.


Museum of Tango. Av. Rivadavia 830, Monserrat. 4345 6967.
The museum covers a broad area of  Carlos Gardel´s Palace and is the headquarter of the National Academy of Tango. The museum conducts a tour through the history of tango since 1850 until today, a store selling CDs and other tango objects and photos by Annemarie Heinrich of famous tango and movie figures.


National Museum of Decorative Art. Av. del Libertador 1902, Palermo. 4801 8248//4806 8306//4802 6606. Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 14 to 19hs. Admission: contribution bono. Guided Tours: Tuesdays to Sundays 16:30hs. Tours in English: at 14:30hs.
Located in the mansion that was of the Errázuriz- Alvear family, it has different rooms, set up by the top Designers in Europe: the Renaissance Hall, the dining-room of Louis XIV, the Ballroom of Regency style, the Louis XIV Hall and the desk. The Heritage of the museum includes works of El Greco, Fragonard, Corot, Manet, Boudin and Fantin Latour.


National Museum of Fine Arts.Av. del Libertador 1473, Recoleta. 4803 0802 / 8814.  Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 12:30 to 20:30hs. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 9:30 to 20:30hs. Admission: free. Guided Tours: Tuesdays to Sundays at 18hs.
Opened in 1896, its Heritage includes International and Argentine art works. It has works of Tiépolo, Greco, Goya, Rodin, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, De Chirico, Kandinsky, Picasso, Tàpies. Argentine art: pieces of Morel, Pueyrredón, de la Cárcova, Sívori, Malharro, Fader, Guttero, Curatella Manes, Petorutti, Quinquela Martín, Berni, Spilimbergo, Deira, Distéfano, Alonso, Benedit and Seguí, among others.


National Engraving Museum. Defensa 372, Monserrat. 4345 5300//4343 7035.  Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 14 to 17:30hs. Admission: free.
Works of the most important national and foreign artists of the XX Century, it also has original editions of prints, books of artists, matrices, xylographs, plates, etc.


National Engraving Museum. Chile 832, Monserrat. 4343 8427. Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 15 to 19hs. Admission: free. Guided Tours: Saturday and Sunday 17hs.
In its five rooms you can see: a day of  a middle class family of 1909, the brightness of the glass on the embroidery used on dresses in the 20´s and the accessories where luxury rubs shoulders with the practical. The 50´s decade with Christian Dior and his lines named “New Look”. The exhibition ends showing the historical evolution of the Customs since the arrival of the Spanish to the Rio de la Plata in 1900.


National Museum of Immigration - Ex Hotel de Inmigrantes. Av. Antártida Argentina 1355, Retiro. 4317 0285. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10 to 17hs. Saturdays and Sundays 11 to 18hs. Admission: free. Guided Tours: Saturdays and Sundays at 13:30, 15:30 and 16.30hs.
The Museum is located in what once was the Pavilion of Accommodation of the Old Hotel for Immigrants, where hotel services were provided between 1911 and 1953. The Museum has among its aims giving the historical, cultural, political, social and economic importance that the buildings that form this complex should have.


National Museum of the Theatre. Av. Córdoba 1199, San Nicolás. 4816 7212. Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 18hs. Admission: free. Guided Tours: Tuesdays at 14hs.
The Museum allows to see our theatrical history since colonial times until today, through genres such as the zarzuela, the sainete, the grotesque and the independent theatre. Photographs of celebrities, historical documents, costumes and personal belongings of actors, actresses, directors and authors of the Argentine theatre. Manuscripts, scenographic sketches, theatre programs, photographs and stickers. In the Trinidad Guevara theatre room book presentations, storytelling’s and various performances take place.


Participative Museum of Science. Junín 1930, Recoleta. 4806 3456. Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 to 17hs. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 15:30 to 19:30hs. Admission: $12.
Dedicated to the spreading of science in a fun and participatory way. Which motivates the curiosity of the spectator and encourage the freedom to play and the Desire to know, the slogan of the museum shows in the sentences Forbidden Not to Couch. The museum was organized in different theme rooms among which we find the one of Waves and Sounds, the one of electricity and magnetism, the one of mechanics, visual perception, know your body, telecommunications,  Copy writing of  the newspapers The Curious and Forces of the Nature.


Another thing in which Buenos Aires stands out, from a cultural point of view, are the Public Libraries. More than 26, distributed through the different neighbourhoods of the city. What is more, the Association of Libraries of the city is for free and lends books to take home and lends books, magazines and newspapers to use in the reading rooms. The Association is also responsible for advising on available material and guide literature searches. It also offers personalized attention and organizes different Cultural activities, such as theatre, music, cinema, conferences and Reading Clubs. Finally, Buenos Aires has a Poetry House and 8 childrens annexes.


Gral. Cesar Díaz 4219
Telephone: 4566-5171
Hour: Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Aida Alvarez.


BANCHS (Children’s Library)
Parque Patricios (Av. Caseros y Urquiza)
Telephone: 4943-1078
Hour: 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: María Díaz.


Carlos Calvo 4319
Telephone: 4922-0020
Hour: Monday to Friday - 8 to 22 hs.
Chief in charge: Rodolfo Degastaldi. 
- Children Annex: "The in love Giraffe"
- Space Jorge Luis Borges


Honduras 3784
Telephone: 4963-2194
Hour: Monday to Friday - 11 to 18 hs.
Chief in Charge: José Luis Challiu.


Honduras 3784
Telephone: 4963-2194
Hour: Monday to Friday  - 18 a 24 hs.
Coordinated: Daniel García Helder.


Venezuela 1538
Telephone: 4381-1271
Hour: Mondays to Fridays 8 to 20 hs.
Jeff a Cargo: Alicia Blanco 
- Annexe Infantile: "Antoine de Saint-Exupéry"


CORTAZAR(Annex of Modern Narrative)
Carlos Calvo 4319
Telephone: 4922-0020
Hour: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 9 to 20 hs.
Chief in charge: Hugo Paternostro.


S. de la Frontera 5059 - Block 23
Telephone: 4605-9341
Hour: Monday to Friday - 12 to 19 hs.
Chief in charge: Armando Boccazzi.


De las artes 1210
Telephone: 4926-0161
Hour: Monday to Friday – 9 to 18hs.
Chief in charge: Juan Desiderio


Bahía Blanca 4025
Telephone: 4501-4320
Hour: Monday to Fridays - 8 to 20 hs.
Chief in charge: Mirta Vallegiani
- "The Magic Carpet" – Children Annex 
- "Oesterheld Space" – Comics Annex


Concepción Arenal 4206
Telephone: 4855-7508
Hour: Monday to Friday- 12 to 19 hs.
Chief in charge: Rubén De Chiara


Córdoba 1558
Telephone: 4812-4723
Horario: Lunes a Viernes - 8 a 24 hs., Sábados - 10 a 14 hs.
Chief in charge: Liliana Colecchia
- "Espacio Ucronia" - Anexo de Ciencia Ficción


Güemes 4601
Telephone: 4773-5862
Hour: Monday to Friday - 8 to 20 hs.
Chief in charge: Rosa Chipolina


Talcahuano 1261
Telephone: 4812-1840 int. 110
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 20 hs.
Chief in charge: Virginia Pedrozo


Boquerón 6753
Telephone: 4641-3673
Hours: Monday to Friday - 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Gladis Cancio


Suárez 408
Telephone: 4302-2481
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 20 hs.
Chief in charge: Enrique Besozzi
- "Platero" – Children Annex


José C. Paz 3100 (Plaza Nicaragua)
Telephone: 4912-2701
Hour: Monday to Friday - 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Mirta Gullas


La Pampa 2215
Telephone: 4783-1567
Hour: Monday to Friday - 8 to 20 hs..
Chief in charge: Norma Belluno
- "La Fontaine" – Children Annex


Passage Yrupé 6714 - Barrio Los Perales 
Telephone: 4687-1977
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Jorge Palazzolo
- "El Principito" (“The Little Prince”)– Children Annex

Juramento 2937
Telephone: 4781-7871
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 18 hs
Chief in charge: Mercedes Roman

Crainqueville 2233
Telephone: 4581-8640
Hour: Monday to Friday - 11 to 18 hs.
Chief in charge: María Laura de Santi

Cranwell 819
Telephone: 4631-0961
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 18 hs.
Chief in charge: María E. Bellizi


Crisologo Larralde 6293
Telephone: 4571-2538
Hour: Monday to Friday - 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Beatriz Ortega


Torre 14 PB - Barrio Cardenal Copello
Telephone: 4635-4009
Hour: Monday to Friday - 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Diana Pastor
- "Mafalda" -Children Annex


STORNI (Women Library)
Venezuela 1538 1º Floor 
Telephone: 4381-9345
Hour: Monday to Friday - 12.30 to 19.30 hs.
Chief in charge: Norma Haszczsin


Ana Ma. Janer, Manzana 5, Local 279 - Barrio Illia
Telephone: 4919-0058
Hour: Monday to Friday - 9 to 16 hs.
Chief in charge: Amelia Ester Nazar
- "Javier Villafañe" – Children Annex


YUNQUE (Children’s Library)
S. de la Frontera 5210 - Block 28
Telephone: 4605-0603
Hour: Monday to Friday - 10 to 17 hs.
Chief in charge: Marta Real

Art Galleries and Exhibition Rooms

The most important and renowned ones are Proa Foundation, Cultural Center of Recoleta and Palais de Glace, also headquearter of the National Hall. We find tese galleries in teh neighbourhoods of Retiro, Barrio Norte and Recoleta. In Palermo and San Telmo galleries of contemporary art were opened.
The most important exhibiton galleries:


PROA Foundation. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Caminito. T [54.11] 4104.1000. www.proa.org. Hour: Tue-Sun11-20hrs. Last admission: 19hrs. Mondays closed


Recoleta Cultural Center. Junín 1930, Recoleta. 4803 1040. www.centroculturalrecoleta.org. Monday to Friday 14 to 21hs. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10 to 21hs.


Palais de Glace. Posadas 1725, Recoleta. 4804 1163. www.palaisdeglace.org. Tuesdays to Fridays 12 to 20 hs. Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 20hs. Free admission. Those who wish to contribute with the Association of Friends of the Palais de Glace, may purchase a contribution voucher for $2 


Some of the exhibition rooms on photographic material are:


Eclectic Space. Photography   
Address: Humberto 1º 730 
Neighbourhood: San Telmo 
(54 11) 4307 1966 


Hermeth Photogallery. Photography 
Address: 11 de Septiembre 1181 (Unit B) 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4773 1160 


The Photo Gallery 
Address: Serrano 1536 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4831 5930 


Argentine Contemporary Arte 
Address: Libertad 1389 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4816 3651 / 4393 


Agustina del Campo Diffusion of Argentine Art   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arroyo 899 Local 12 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 15 5416 2330 


Alberto Sendros 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Pasaje Tres Sargentos 359 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4312 0995 
info@albertosendros .com 


Aldo de Sousa l 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arenales 966 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4394 6000 


Aldo de Sousa ll 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Florida 860 Loc.104 y 105 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4313 6011 

Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Reconquista 761 (Planta Alta 14) 
Neighbourhood: San Nicolás 
(54 11) 4311 3373 

Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Libertad 1240 PB 9 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4813 3544 / 0076 


Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Monroe 1996 
Neighbourhood: Belgrano 
(54 11) 4781 5073 


Consortium of Art in Buenos Aires   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Uruguay 1371 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4816 4524 


Dabbah Torrejón 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Sanchez de Bustamante 1187 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta 
(54 11) 4963 2581 


Daniel Abate Galeria 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Passage Bollini 2170 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta 
(5411) 4804 8247 


Infinite Art 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Av. Quintana 325 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta 
(54 11) 4813 8828 


Dharma Fine Arts 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Rue des Artisans Arenales 1239 1º P 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta 
(54 11) 4814 4700 


El Borde Contemporary Art 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Uriarte 1356 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4777 4573 


Elsi del Río 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arévalo 1748 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4899 0171 


Space 10 Art Gallery   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Guatemala 4757 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4831 0520 


Telephonic Foundation  
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arenales 1540 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 433 1300 


“Filo” Art Space  
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: San Martin 975 subsoil   
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4312 9211 


Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Thames 1620 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4831 7041 


Foundation Alberto Elia Mario Rubirosa   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Azcuénaga 1739 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta  
(54 11) 4803 0496 


Foundation Federico Jorge Klemm 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 626 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4311 2527 // 4312 2058 


Gallery Isidro Miranda Casa Central   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Estados Unidos 726 
Neighbourhood: San Telmo 
(54 11) 4361 4034 


Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Thames 1653 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4832 9739 


Hoy en el Arte 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Gascón 36 
Neighbourhood: Almagro 
(54 11) 4981 4369 / 4311 


Isabel Anchorena 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arenales 1239 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4811 5335 / 4359 


Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Suipacha 1216 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4393 7822 


Loreto Arenas 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Juncal 885 PB "A" 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4328 6490 


Martina Cespedes 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Bolívar 660 
Neighbourhood: San Telmo 
(54 11) 4343 2127 


Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Esmeralda 1357 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4327 0664 // 4328 5237 


Ruth Benzacar 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Florida 1000 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4313 8480 


Saap - Argentine Society of Plastic Artists   
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Viamonte 458 
Neighbourhood: San Nicolás 
(54 11) 4312 5152 


Sara García Uriburu 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Uruguay 1223 
Neighbourhood: Recoleta 
(54 11) 4813 0148 


Sonoridad Amarilla 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Fitz Roy 1983 
Neighbourhood: Palermo 
(54 11) 4777 7931 


Sylvia Vesco 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: San Martín 522 1º 4 
Neighbourhood: San Nicolás 
(54 11) 4328 1535 


Van Riel 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Talcahuano 1257 PB 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4811 8359 


Via Margutta 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arenales 1239 puerta 4 G 
(54 11) 4813 3551 


Wussmann Rodríguez 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Peña 1399 
(54 11) 4811 2444 


Zavaleta Lab 
Argentine Contemporary Art 
Address: Arroyo 894 4º 7 
Neighbourhood: Retiro 
(54 11) 4328 6751 / 4553 

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