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Outstanding Buildings

Colon Theatre

Cerrito 618
It is considered one of the best theaters in the world and the international opera circuit. Its main hall, horseshoe-shaped, is one of the best acoustics in the world. The Colon is one of the main attractions for tourists and local. Inaugurated in 1857 compared to Plaza de Mayo, but then in 1888 it was decided to change to its current location, the building was given by Tamburini and Meano (died at work) and was completed by the the Belgian architect Dormal in 1908. The magnificent decoration of the dome is to be the painter Raul Soldi.  
Finally, the theater has a corps de ballet and orchestra stable and art workshops, a library and a museum.

Cervantes Theatre

Córdoba 1155
Built by the Spanish actress Maria Guerrero and her husband, opened in 1921. After three years this famous couple was forced to sell the theater, as they had invested their entire fortune in the play and were left bankrupt. The theater was placed under the national government power since that time.  
One of the most important and prestigious among the national theaters. One of the most elegant and luxurious, with tiles, windows, seat, carpets and curtains specially made in Spain.

Kavanagh Building

Florida 1065, Retiro
National Historic Monument and is a badge of rationalism. A peculiar building, spacious and luxurious, of great attraction worldwide, designed by the firm of architects Sánchez, Lagos and de la Torre. Inaugurated in 1936, it was the first skyscraper in the city and the highest in South America.

Municipal Planetary of the Buenos Aires City “Galileo Galilei”

Surrounded by gardens and lakes, one of the places chosen by families and young people to spend the day sunbathing and outdoors. It also offers educational free or low cost activities with shows, explanations, detailed images of celestial bodies, stars, planets and the universe, its composition and creation. There are also projections displays of eclipses and solar disk.  
Created by the architect in charge of the General Directorate of Urbanism and Architecture Enrique Jan.

Palace of Running Waters

Av. Córdoba, Riobamba, Viamonte y Ayacucho
One of the most beautiful and finest buildings in the city, is a polychrome palace with more than 170 thousand and 130 thousand ceramic glazed bricks in shades of ocher and green, hidden inside a water tank collector currents. It was built to give the city a health system, which was indispensable after years of epidemics. The construction was carried out by the English builderParsons and Bateman Bateman, from its stylñe we can see the it is from the Second Empire, but to give the palace an National touch, the national shield of the 14 provinces that then constituted the Argentine Republic and the shield Capital Federal were places. The work began in 1887 and ended in 1894. Declared a National Historic Monument since 1987.

Church of Pilar

The church with the convent of the Recoletos monks up is one of themost relevant historical facts in religious history, when the monks sttled down here and created this place. That is why the name of the Recoleta neighborhood. Today the Cemetery, the Church and the Cultural Center are a historical and cultural value of country. Its surroundings are commercial areas, which attracts both local and tourists, restaurants, tours, local music, business clothing, among others.

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