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Buenos Aires stands out for its great gastronomic level, in which we can clearly appreciate the italian and spanish touches. Buenos Aires is a city where different regions, cultures and especialities mix and fuse creating a unique offert for all palates. We can highlight red meats, fish, pastas and empanadas as the favorite foods, though during the past years the eastern, japanese, korean and chinese food has increasingly become more popular. 


Asturias Square. Av. de Mayo1199 and Salta – Congress- Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4382-7334. Specialties: Paellas, octopus. Special home-made pasta sauces.


Asturian Center in Buenos Aires. Solís 475 – Monserrat,  Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4381-1342. Specialties: Prawns with garlic; Squid in ink. Fish in green sauce.


Restaurant Casal de Catalunya. Chacabuco 863 - San Telmo, Buenos Aires City Tel: 4361-0191 / 4307-0912. Specialities: Tapas, suckling pig, bread with tomatoe, paella, Peppers (Catalanas specialities).


José Luis. Av. Quintana, 456 – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4807-0606. Specialties: Fish and seafood. Mussels in green sauce. Monkfish with mushrooms. Cardinal fish to basque.


Don José. Av. Alvear 423 – Martínez, Partido de San Isidro - Buenos Aires. Tel: 4798-4860. Specialties: salmon ravioli with crab sauce, rice with seafood, cardinal fish to basque.


La Tasca de Plaza Mayor. Posadas 1052 – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4393-5671/4394-7199. Specialties: Spanish omelet. Galilean Octopus. Frog to Provence. Spaghetti with seafood stew. Desserts: Catalan cream. Frozen biscuit of dried fruits. Sweet bread.


Anduriña (Club Centro Galicia). Borges 100 – Olivos,  Partido de San Isidro - Buenos Aires. Tel: 4711-5618 4794-7022. Specialties: Main: omelet, paella, rice with squid, prawns with garlic. Dessert: ice cream, pancakes, flan, pudding, anduriña dessert (Brownie with ice cream, berries and nuts). Shows: Dinner with show, Saturday night: orchestra and dance. Sunday noon: keyboardist and dance.


Museo del Jamón. Cerrito 8 esq. Rivadavia – Downtown, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4382-4144/7648. Specialities: Main: Valencian paella, suckling pig style candid, Galilean Octopus, Iberian ham, fideuá de Tarragona, raxo orsene, prawns with garlic. Dessert: custard, fried milk, rice milk.


Oviedo. Beruti 2602 – Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4821-3741/4822-5415. Specialities: Spanish omelet. Cabrales cheese croquettes. Squid to the plate. Gratin vieyras. Corvine with baked potatoes. Great wine list.


Italpast. Dellepianne 1050 y Berutti – Campana, Pcia. de Buenos Aires. Tel: (03489)430433/425275 Specialities: Aubergines and marinated tomatoes, pork bondiola roasted with onions, tide rise, pork leg with flavor of lemon leaves, pork and salmon Carpaccio, celery parpadelle, ricotta agnolotti, gnochetti sardinians.

Las pastas de Ernesto. Ramal pilar Km 41,5 - Partido de Pilar, Pcia. de Buenos Aires. Tel: 02320-47-2129. Specialities: 120 pastas and 120 sauces, all done at the time. Desserts: tiramisú, flan, bread pudding, fruit salad and homemade tiramisú ice cream. Only with reservations. Run by the owners.

Piegari. Posadas 1042 – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4326-9654/9430. Specialties: Pozza bread, Milano shrimps, Sicilian aubergines, risoteo with fungi porcini, guitar Springs to pomodoro and basil, scroffa raviolis.

Guido's Bar. República de la India 2843 – Botánico, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4802-2391. Specialities: Guido's Bar offers a casting menu "Ci Penso Io" which includes selection of antipasti + dry/stuffed/risoteo pastas + desserts tastings.

Campo dei Fiori. Venezuela 1411 – Monserrat, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4381-1800/8402. Specialities: Home-made Fusilli with tomato sauce, pesto and scarparo. Campo dei Fiori gnocchi. Serrano Ham. Spanish omelette. Desserts: Catalan cream. Sweet bread.

Prosciutto. Venezuela 1212 – Monserrat, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4383-8058. Specialities: Main: pastas, seafood paella, tapas. Shows: Live Music.

Bice. Alicia Moreau de Justo 192 - Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4315-6216/6217/6218. Specialties: Homemade Fusilli with tomato sauce, pesto and scarparo. Campo dei Fiori gnocchi. Serrano Ham. Spanish omelette. Desserts: Catalan cream. Sweet bread.

La Parolaccia. Av. Del Libertador 5836 - Bajo Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4787-2478/3333. Specialities: Pastas. Ravioli di zucca. Malfatti. Sole with leeks.

Buenos Aires, autochthonous

Las Cuartetas. Av. Corrientes 838 – Downtown, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4326-0171. Buenos Aires traditional Pizza.


El Samovar de Rasputín. Del Valle Iberlucea 1251 Caminito - La Boca, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4302-3190. Specialities: Sandwiches, pastas, grilled, chopped.


Placeres Patagónicos. San Isidro Labrador 4408 – Núñez, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4702-0171. Specialties: A space that revives the Keeling of being located in our Patagonia. Typical crafts, articulated globins and delicatessen. Homemade sweets, Welsh cakes, pickled and smoked products are some of the delicacies that you can enjoy in our restaurant or in the comfort of your home. Our specialties: smokes salmon bruschetta with grilled vegetables and fresh recula, lamb with noisette potatoes and mouse of rosehip and white cheese with forest fruits.


Patagonia Sur. Rocha 801 esq. Pedro de Mendoza - La Boca, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4303-5917/18. Specialities: Entries: Humita with green salad, Turn overs from Salta, grapefruit salad, almonds, parmesan, gold vieyras with rucula, oranges and grilled vegetables with goat cheese. Main: Eye steak with potatoes and chimichurri, seven leaves lamb with anna potatos, sole with fresh salad, grilled Chicken breast, potatoes,  pumpkin raviolis and mascarpone with sage butter. Desserts: homemade crème caramel, nemesis with cream and strawberry, grapefruit with mascarpone, ice-cold glass with chocolate sauce, warm apple pie with ice cream.


El Sanjuanino. Posadas 1515 – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4804-2909. Specialities: Turn overs, tamales, humitas, locro. Dessert: Cheese with sweet of alcayota, papaya and molasses.


Cabaña Las Lilas. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 - Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4313-1336. Specialities: Main: Eye steak, roast strip, brochette loin.


Haiku. Av. Congreso 1618 – Núñez, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4789-0911. Specialities: Sushi, tempura.


Morizono. Reconquista 899– Downtown, Buenos Aires City. Tel.: 4314-0924 / 4443. Specialities: Mixed of  Pink salmon, Ebi Tempura Roll (crispy shrimp roll with Philadelphia cheese in salmon or avocado), Yakisake (salmon grillé seasoned with soy sauce and Ginger accompanied with roasting vegetables, white rice, misoshiru soup, tofu and pickle).


Nikkai (Japanese Association in Argentina). Av. Independencia 732 – Monserrat, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4300-5848. Specialties: Tempura, catch of the day.


Furai-Bo. Alsina 429 1º piso – Monserrat, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4334-3440. Specialties: Katsu and ramen. Shows: Fridays and Saturdays live music. From Mondays to Fridays, from 15:30 to 17:30hs. tea house.


Jardín Japonés. Av. Casares 2966 – Palermo, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4800-1322. Specialities: sashimi, sushi, soups, ghioza. Desserts: fried ice cream, tempura ice cream, ice cream of green tea.


Nihonbashi. Moreno 2095 – Congreso, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4951-7381. Specialties: Sushi. Octopus vinaigrette, spinach with sesame, shabu-shabu (hot pot of different flavors).


Osaka. Soler 5608 – Palermo, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4775-6964. Specialties: stuffed Ko-ika (shrimps stuffed with prawns flavored with sake and chili). Spicy mayonnaise with togorashi.. Ceviches, tiraditos, sushi.


Sipan Cocina Peruana & Pisco Bar. Paraguay 624 – Retiro, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4315-0763. Specialitiess: Entries: parmesan conchitas, Octopus olive. Main: tiraditos, cebiches, chifa (Cantonese Peruvian fusion), all these options with a wide variety of Piscos. Or: Fusion of Peruvian and Chinese food.


Contigo Perú. Echeverría 1627 – Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4780-3960. Specialities: Pisco sour, fish and seafood ceviches, tiradito, jelly, Parihuela, rice with seafood, fish and seafood brochettes, chili Chicken, north goat, chupe of seafoods, huanaicana potato, anticuchos, tamales, chaufa rice, picarones, lime sigh.


Libélula. Lafinur 3268 – Palermo, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4803-6047. Specialities: Mix of japanese and peruvian food. From Japan, sake no Sataki salada shitate, los Ebi no somen (shrimps wrapped in rice noodles) and the sushi bar. From Peru, 4 varieties of ceviche, shrimps seasoned with quinua and honey of oranges, raviolis of sweet potatoe and goat cheese, tenderloin with huacatay sauce and caramelized onions and finally chupe of shrimps. Others: the bar of drinks has a variety of sake and pisco drinks such as pisco sour of grapefruit and the green sake of green tea.


Los Trujillanitos. Av. Corrientes 3564 – Abasto, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4867-5537. Specialities: Fried Pork, goat with beans, mixed ceviche.


Ceviche. Costa Rica 5644 – Palermo, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4776-7373. Specialties: Tasting causes, ceviches, tiraditos, bondiola and sweet potatoes ravioli. Dessert: banana crepe soufflé.


Hsiang Ting-Tang. Arribeños 2245 – Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4788-0125 /0371. Specialties: Wan Tan, fried chicken, chop suey of vegetables.


BuddhaBA. Arribeños 2288 – Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4706-2382. Specialties: Main: Japanese oishi tempura of vegetables, shrimps and fish with oyster and turnip sauce. Buddha BA shrimps flavored with coconut milk, seasoned with dried tomatoes, baby corn and thai dressing. Dessert: sumo dohyo (Taiwanese profiteroles with ginger ice cream), eastern tea varieties and Japanese cakes. Various exhibitions in the art gallery.


Palitos. Arribeños 2243 – Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4786-8566. Specialties: Chicken three flavors.


Todos Contentos. Arribeños 2177 – Belgrano, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4780-3437. Specialties: Mixed Chaw Fan, congratulations to all, bamboo ravioli.


Shi Yuan. Tagle 2531 - Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4804-0607. Specialities: Lacquered duck, dishes base don noodles, spicy soup, salted pork and tofu, chicken with spicy peanuts.


Lindo jardín. Cabello 3419 – Palermo, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4803-0914 / 4802-6851 / 4807-6849. Specialties: Fried shrimps with sour and sweet sauce, beef with sauce of oysters to the plate and saulted chicken with pineapple.


[RH ] Restó & Winery. Integrates recipes of the most demanding international cuisines with ethnic products from Argentina. The proposal is a la carte, with dishes prepared by our Chef and a set menu that is renewed daily, with varieties of options. The restaurant of Rochester Hotels Buenos Aires also offers a careful wine menu. Periodically tastings and maridados menus of wines and sparklings are organized from different wineries in Argentina.
RH Restó & Winery, is the best choice for lunch downtown Buenos Aires: warm and relax environment, attentive and efficient service, tasty and abundant dishes. Uncorcking. WiFi. Main Cards. Reservations. Esmeralda 542, RH Classic Hotel Buenos Aires. 4328-0081 reservas@rhresto-winery.com.ar.


Happening. Av. Rafael Obligado between La Pampa and R. Obligado – Costal area, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4782-8207. Specialties: Main: shrimps to the plate with salad of avocado, palmettos and tomatoes. Main: matambre, colita de cuadril. Dessert: semifreddo chestnut, chocolate mousse, dulce de leche mousse.


Rosa Negra. Dardo Rocha 1918 – Acassusso, Pcia. de Buenos Aires. Tel: 4717-2685/ 2249. Specialties: Metas grilled to charcoal and firewood, fishes and seafood, pastas, breads and desserts.


Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner. Vicente López 1661 Local 12 - Tea Corner – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4813-5900. Specialties: bife de chorizo (argentinian mat cut), egg poche, baking potatoes and preserved onions. Dessert: lemon mousse and cream of oranges with crispy peels, biscuit base with lemon segments. Brunch & Five o´clock teaa.


Chiquín. Perón 920 – Congreso, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4394-5004. Specialties: Eye steak with purple chives, bacon powder and rustic, crunchy and andean-style marinated potatoes. Red raviolone stuffed with fuegian crab and soft cream reduction. Shows: Wednesdays and Saturdays, dinner and tango show.


Modena Design. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2270 – Recoleta, Buenos Aires City. Tel: 4809-0566 / 67 / 68. Specialties: Carpaccio beef with rucula and parmesan, sliced peceto with thon sauce, shrimp with avocado and palm hearts, pepper tenderloin with potatoes in cream. Dessert: cream milkshake, lemon pie, black forest and apple tatin.

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