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The gaucho is a symbol which identifies Argentine history and culture, dedicated to those South American riders dedicated to look after the cattle, strong and brave, a field man, simple but very respected. In his honor works were written such as the famous and successful Martín Fierro by José Hernández. Today we call gauchos to the ones who live in rural areas and are engaged in livestock in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, the Chaco of Bolivia, the Chilean Patagonia and the population of Rio Grande from the south, southern Brazil.  
Traditionally gauchos are often compared with the Mexican charro, the huaso Chile, the Venezuelan-Colombian plains, the American cowboy, the Chagra Ecuador, the Peruvian qorilazo and Morochucos. Moreover, women have been named "Paisana", "guaina" (North litoraleño), “guacha” and "china."  
Throughout the Argetina´s territory we find agricultural establishments known as estancias, which are served by gauchos and most are over 200 years. Some have English or French architecture, lavishly furnished and equipped and other kept the old and sober style of the colonial era.  
Today, most of these paces have become great small hotels, offering a unique place to stay and different activities during the day, as: horseback riding, fishing, bird watching, golf and polo among others. You can also share the various activities of the field, as driving cattle, milking cows, signaling the lambs, shearing sheep or watch a dressage and enjoy playing the guitar and dances. A unique and unforgettable experience that approaches you to the history and life of the Argentine gaucho.

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