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The Nahuel Huapi National Park

Since 1934 it is the first protected area of the country, created because of the need to protect its varied wildlife, along with its testimony that the original inhabitants keep. It was hit and changed by various geological processes over the years and eras. Until 10,000 years ago it was covered by ice and glacial rivers which widen and deepen the existing valley bottoms.2 As the temperature rose due to a climate change, ice started to melt and thus, some of these valleys formed the trays of the current lakes, such as the Nahuel Huapi, the typical glacial lake with deep arms. At the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the life of the Andean forest merges with the steppe and the result is a transition between humid and green environments and the golden waving pasture.

Of the 710,000 hectares of the park, 55,700 are covered with the Nahuel Huapi waters, the largest of a series of interconnected lakes that, crossing through the Limay river, it empties its waters into the Atlantic Ocean. Starting from Pañuelo Port, when arriving at Anchorena port at Victoria´s Island, you are able to walk along an area of native forest with trees such as coihues and ñires.