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Rochester Hotel - bariloche


History of Bariloche

Baptized in this way after a words game, created from a  deformation of the Mapuche´s word "vuriloche" (meaning "different people, strange, foreigners, from the other side”, used to identify people from other towns), plus the name Don Carlos Wiederhold, German businessman who built the first house there in 1895 and due to a mistake it was passed on as San Carlos. The first hotel in the area, located at Puerto Moreno, was also property of Don Carlos.
On May 3rd, 1902 the government of Rio Negro formalized the foundation, reserving through a decree an area of 400 hectares within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, for the settlement of "the people of San Carlos de Bariloche", name that was finally adopted by a decree in 1927.