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Rochester Hotel - bariloche


Geography and climate of Bariloche

Located in Rio Negro Province, in the Patagonia, on the southern shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and surrounded by mountains and forests, at 764 meters above sea level and within the surface of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. A wide variety of native trees and shrubs cover the hills and valleys providing a colorful show with various species of ñires, coihues, beech and cypress, among others.
Bariloche has a high mountain climate. The area belongs to the strip of continental cold with dry season. Rainfalls are not uniform: there are important variations from west to east, between the border with Chile and the Limay river.
Summer is dry and mild with high daily amplitude (18?C average, with temperatures between 9 and 29?C) compared to winter (0?C to -10?C) when rainfalls concentrate often in snow.
In autumn, days range between fresh and warm with cool nights (between 4 and 13?C), dominated by heavy rains. Spring is fresh, temperatures begin to rise and the volume of rainfalls decrease.  Nights are cold, keeping daytime temperatures ranging from 7?C to 20?C towards the end of the season.