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Rochester Hotel - bariloche


About Bariloche

The high season covers the months of January, February, July and part of August. In these months the recommendation is to book accommodation well in advance.

The mid season includes March, April, June, September and December, the low season are the months of May, October and November.
During the summer days have more light hours, as days are longer. Ideal to go on excursions and walks outdoors. It is imperative to bring fresh clothes, hats and sunscreen for the day and something warm for the evenings, which can be cool.

When visiting Bariloche, no matter the season, it is important to have a good waterproof, lightweight and windbreaker coat and comfortable shoes are essential, with good support for the foot, suitable for walking on rocks and on slopes.
For activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing and adventure tourism, clothes specifications are  very specific.

The snow season includes June, July, August and September, around Bariloche you will find places to rent appropriate equipment. You should also have glasses or goggles with UV protection, hats and gloves.

Some souvenirs which are essential to take from Bariloche: smoked trout, salmon, deer, wild boar, cheeses and pates, chocolates of all shapes and sizes, vegetables and mushrooms, jams and rosehip tea, sweet red fruit, local beers. Textiles and handicrafts are also characteristic of the area.